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It was developed in conjunction with regional and national employers and a core component of the programme is an industry-led project or placement. Past graduates have often obtained full-time employment in the companies where they have undertaken their placement.

The programme is fully online so enable learners to undertake studies when it suits them. Companies such as Amazon Web Services, Overstock, Codec Ireland, Cora Systems, Live Tiles, CBE, Bank of Ireland both support and contributed to the development of this programme.

Key Course Information
Study hours: Whether you are studying part-time online, blended or full-time online, it is very important that you allocate enough study time to your online course to stay focused, reduce stress and achieve your goals. For part-time online or blended learning, it is recommended that you should try to allow for 5-6 hours per week per 5 credit module to your studies.

Live Lectures: Live lectures normally take place between 6pm and 10pm, Monday to Thursday but this may vary depending on the availability of specific lecturers. For the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing, students are expected to attend live lectures 2/3 evenings per week. Each live lecture will last approximately 1 hour per 5 credit module and 2 hours per 10 credit module. If the Live Classroom scheduled times for the live online lectures do not suit you, recordings will be made available through Moodle.

Elective Information:

Work Placement (Elective)

The work-placement/ internship component is an integral part of the academic programme of the Higher Diploma in Computing. The aims of the component are to: Offer the student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the course in a relevant work-place setting; Facilitate the student in developing the practical competencies and communication skills necessary to function as an effective team member in the work environment.


Project (Elective)

In this module, students will undertake a significant piece of independent work under supervision with the objective of preparing students for the demands of the workplace and/or further research. The module aims to encourage innovation, exploratory learning and to act as an integrating module to allow the student to draw on knowledge learned and developed across the programme. The module exposes the student to the application of research, current design and development methodologies, and aims to develop critical thinking and analysis skills.

Subjects taught

Semester 1
Title Credits
Object Oriented Software Development 1 10
Information Systems 05
Web and UI Design 05

Semester 2
Title Credits
Object-Oriented Software Development 2 05
Web Applications Development 10
Advanced Databases 05

Semester 3
Title Credits
Computer Architecture, Operating Systems & Networks 05
Systems Analysis and Testing 05

Semester 4
Title Credits
Cloud Computing 05
Secure Networks 05
Project [E] 10
Work Placement [E] 10

[E] = Elective Module. Modules subject to availability.

Entry requirements

Students interested in this programme should have completed a Level 8 qualification in an area other than Computing. Applicants may be asked to attend for interview and/or assessment to determine their suitability for the programme.

Application dates

Applications for online programmes are accepted on the atu sligo website.

All programmes advertised will run subject to sufficient student numbers.

ATU sligo online has two intakes per year, the main one being in September with a smaller listing of programmes for January. For confirmation on start dates check

For September, applications open from 1st February each year. Closing date for receipt of applications is 31st august.

For January, applications open from 1st November each year. Closing date for applications is mid-January.

The online application form requires personal details, previous qualifications, professional accreditations, employment history and a personal statement. We recommend collating all the necessary paperwork i.e. Transcripts of previous qualifications, academic certificates before you submit an application.

Once submitted, our admissions team will contact you to confirm eligibility and request copies of any previous qualifications.

Academic staff review every application and approve eligible candidates for the programme.

Admissions team will notify you if you are accepted onto the course and will request deposit to confirm your place.

Places are limited, so please apply early.


2 years part-time, online.

Post Course Info

Career Opportunities
On successful completion of the programme graduates can pursue a career in any one of the following fields: object oriented software development, database design and development, systems analysis, testing and project management, web application and user interface design, architectures and networking. Students that have completed this course are currently employed in a variety of different companies for example Pro Cloud, Primerica, CBE Software Development , Cora Systems and Profile

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    Higher Diploma (Level 8 NFQ)

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