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Construction Management

The construction industry is evolving dramatically in terms of how projects are planned, financed, and delivered, and competent construction managers are in high demand. This course develops the competencies required for you to establish yourself as a leader in this field. You will explore a range of core topics including project, financial, and dispute management; procurement; organisation and leadership; legal studies; and built asset management.

Your studies will centre around challenging real-life scenarios and be delivered by academic staff with considerable hands-on experience, as well as prominent guest industry contributors. The course is overseen by a panel of industry experts and aimed wholly at boosting your managerial-level career prospects. This course is suitable for both recent graduates and industry professionals working in related disciplines. The career prospects on completion of the course are excellent, with graduates securing posts within leading public and private sector organisations, both locally and overseas.

Work placement / study abroad
There is no formal opportunity for work placement or study abroad when studying in full-time mode.

If more appropriate, you can complete the course in part-time study mode over a three-year period; an approach enabling a more flexible combination of work and study.

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Subjects taught

Year one
Built Asset Management
This module is designed to consider how property assets should be managed to support organisational objectives. The strategic interaction between the organisation and the alignment of their property requirements is analysed, as is the process of planning and managing property resources to maximise organisational requirements. Finally, the operational aspects of built assets are studied to consider life cycle, maintenance and facilities management.

Infrastructure finance and investment
Infrastructure investment is critical to the vibrant functioning of society. Ergo every citizen is impacted by the investment made into infrastructure projects. Despite the prime importance of infrastructure investment, nationally governments cannot fund all of society's infrastructure requirements.

This module explores the key models on financing major projects and infrastructure works whilst critically acknowledging the inherent challenges in successfully securing the necessary funding.
Fundamentally this module delivers robust, innovative, and contemporary solutions to the financing and investment in major and infrastructure projects.

Organisation and Management: Thinking Differently
This module has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of modern construction business organisation and management, including investigating key business management components such as Business formation, Marketing, Research & Development, Recruitment; Management - functions, roles, skills and competencies. Problem-solving and decision-making; Organisational culture, behavioural influences, motivation, and performance; Conflict and creativity; Individual development, group dynamics and leadership. Practical applications and case studies of relevant practice are used to enhance the learning experience and students are challenged to view, reflect and think differently about themselves, their work, their profession and the construction industry.

Procurement of Infrastructure and Major Projects
This module has been designed to provide you with a robust appreciation of the importance of infrastructure to all in society. In doing so, you will be able to discern the key stakeholders involved in procuring infrastructure and acknowledge the inherent challenges facing stakeholders in successfully procuring infrastructure.

You will be given the opportunity to appraise the innovative and best practice methods of procuring infrastructure, both nationally and regionally. Furthermore, this module, will provide you the opportunity to discuss the challenges of governance, economic, social, environment and legal issues , on the long term procurement and delivery of essential infrastructure and major projects.

Construction Legal Studies
This module examines underpinning legal principles and concepts that impact upon and influence the way that construction projects are managed and delivered. Express contractual provisions of construction contracts are evaluated to understand how risk is managed and apportioned between the respective parties. The roles and responsibilities of those involved in the execution and administration of construction projects are considered in a sustainable manner taking into consideration the selected contract strategy.

Project Management
The module is designed to provide a postgraduate multi disciplinary learning experience on the subject of Project Management. It introduces the concepts of Project Management, examines the recognised practices and accepted principles involved in the project management function, and combines these with an understanding of the increasingly demanding multi-dimensional aspects of the discipline. It provides an overall project orientated management framework (theoretical tempered with world best practice) with local, national and international dimensions within which you can develop your knowledge / understanding and key professional competencies.

Project Leadership for Construction Professionals
This module is designed for students who wish to gain an understanding of key leadership tools and skills in order to develop their own personal leadership capabilities to deliver project and company objectives within the Construction industry.

Research Design and Dissertation
This module enables the student to undertake an independent in-depth study of a particular aspect of Construction Management. It facilitates development of skills in problem solving and decision making whilst also refining other skills including investigative and evaluative skills. Students are required to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject researched, skills in critical analysis and use of investigative methods. Students are required to display these skills in written and oral format that will clearly display analysis of the principal arguments and conclusions of their work.

Contract Communication and Dispute Management
This module provides students with an insight into the myriad of issues associated with contractors' claims. From the administration of the construction contract to the eventual resolution of the disputed matters, students obtain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process. The practical application of the construction contract provisions, together with the applicable legal principles provides for a positive learning experience that is transferable to professional practice.

Entry requirements

To apply to our postgraduate taught programmes, you must meet the University's General Entrance Requirements and any course-specific requirements.

These vary depending on the course and are detailed online.

An Honours or non-Honours degree in an appropriate science, engineering or built environment discipline from a recognised educational institution from a University of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, from the Council for National Academic Awards, the National Council for Educational Awards, the Higher Education and Training Awards Council, or from an institution of another country which is recognised as being of an equivalent standard.

If English is not your first language this course requires a minimum English level of IELTS (academic) 6.0 with no band score less than 5.5, or equivalent.

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This course is open to international (non-EU) students (full-time only).

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Career options
Our graduates find employment locally, nationally and internationally with construction, consulting and client organisations.

In addition to the UK and Ireland, alumini of the course are working as far afield as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Butan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, the Caribbean, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Canada and the United States of America.

Others have opted to pursue a research path and have successfully obtained doctorates before embarking on an academic career.

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