Earth & Ocean Sciences - Research

Course Overview

Biogeoscience Group
Studies of the Irish sea floor and marine—groundwater interactions.

Geofluids Group
Investigations into the role of fluids in the mineralogical, chemical, and structural evolution of the Earth's crust.

Magmatic Studies Group
Investigations into the petrogenesis of magmatic and related rocks.

Oceanography Group
Studying physical, chemical and biological interactions in the oceans.

Important: Applicants must speak to the research group leader before applying.

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Course Code: MSc (full-time) 1MS1; MSc (part-time) 1MS2 Important: applicants must speak to the research group leader before applying.

MSc (full-time)
MSc (part-time)


Research Areas

Palaeontology and Evolution
Carbonate Sedimentology
Metals in Groundwater
Coastal Karstic Aquifers
Integrated catchment management
Sedimentary Provenance (new techniques and applications)
"Source to Sink" modelling of sedimentary basins
Evolution of modern and ancient large-scale drainage systems
Climate records in sedimentary archives
Ocean acidification
Carbon cycling in coastal waters
Trace element cycling in coastal waters
Physical habitat mapping
Caledonian/Variscan geology
Marine geophysics
Land-based geophysics
Physical oceanography
Chemical oceanography

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    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ)

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