Economics - Qualifier Economics

The MSc Qualifier in Economics is designed for graduates who wish to be admitted to one of our Master programme but do not meet the entry requirements. The MSc Qualifier is therefore not a diploma per se. It is only a first step to be potentially eligible for our Masters programmes. Note that the minimum entry requirement for our Masters is an overall GPA of 3.08 in the MSc Qualifier programme.

Please note that all lectures are during daytime, Monday to Friday.

The program comprises of 30 ECTS credits, 6 modules. The curriculum is personalized and it depends on the economic courses taken and the grades achieved in these during the previous studies. The modules each prospective student will take are discussed and agreed with the programme coordinator on an individual basis.

Subjects taught

Stage 1 - Option
Intermediate MacroeconomicsECON20020
Statistics for EconomistsECON20040
Irish EconomyECON20060
Economic Policy AnalysisECON20080
Game TheoryECON20100
The Economics of the European Union: Institutions, Policies and CrisesECON20120
Economic History: From the Middle Ages to the Second World WarECON20130
Economics of the EnvironmentECON20160
Introduction to Financial EconomicsECON20190
Int Microeconomics (ECON&FIN)ECON20200
Economics, Organisation and ManagementECON20230
The Economics of Health and Health PolicyECON30100
Advanced MacroeconomicsECON30120
Econometrics: Applying Statistics to Economic DataECON30130
International Money and BankingECON30150
International Trade EconomicsECON30160
Financial Economics: Asset PricingECON30170
Industrial Economics: Economics of Business StrategyECON30180
Public Economics: Government Spending, Taxation and Public ChoiceECON30190
The Economics of the Transport SectorECON30260
Behavioural Economics and Public PolicyECON30270
Advanced MicroeconomicsECON30290
Labour EconomicsECON30360
Experimental Economics: Lab ExperimentsECON30390
Political EconomyECON30400
Development EconomicsECON30410
Economics of International FinECON30430
Field Experiments Social SciECON30500
R for EconomistsECON30520
Advanced Econometrics: MicroeconometricsECON30530
Advd Econometrics: Time SeriesECON30540
Philosophy of EconomicsECON30550
Economic GrowthECON30570
Economics of Betting MarketsECON30580
Economics of Gender and DiversityECON30590
Economics of Climate ChangeECON30600
Economics of Natural ResourcesECON30610
Optimisation for EconomicsMATH20330

Entry requirements

Usually students admitted to the MSc Qualifier either have obtained a bachelor degree in Economics with an award below 2.1, or have a degree in a related disciplines and therefore not sufficient economic knowledge to be admitted directly to our MSc programmes (for example statistics).

Application dates

The following entry routes are available:

MSc Qualifier Economics (CD37)
Duration 1 Years
Attend Full Time
Deadline 31-AUG-24


1 year full-time
Mode of delivery: Face-to-Face
Please note that all lectures are during daytime, Monday to Friday.

Enrolment dates

Next Intake: 2024/2025 September.

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    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ)

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    Daytime,Full time

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