Fundamentals of Programming - Micro-credential

In this Micro-credential, Fundamentals of Programming, students will receive a solid introduction to the art and science of computer programming. The emphasis is on the fundamentals of problem solving and program construction, with the high-level “C” language used as the vehicle for doing this. Upon successful completion, students will be capable of developing and maintaining useful software of reasonable size and complexity. The module is suitable for students with no previous experience of computer programming as well as those with moderate previous knowledge or knowledge of languages other than C. It will provide students with a solid foundation in the key concepts of functional programming, as well as an appreciation of object-oriented programming.

The emphasis is on applied problem-solving skills as well as on the theoretical concepts underlying the programming activity. Although the module focuses specifically on the C language, students who have successfully completed it will typically find learning other high-level languages relatively easy, having learned the important skills and concepts of programming in this module.

Entry requirements

Applicants must be over 21 years of age.

A Level 7 qualification is required.

Applications can be considered using Recognition of Prior Learning.

Good computer skills and an interest in software and database knowledge are required prerequisites before starting an IT Online course.

Application dates

From the 1st April, 2024 you can apply for any University of Galway Micro-credential through our Online Application Portal.

When completing your application please make sure to apply under CPC 1 (Postgrad CPD in Software Engineering & Database Technologies) in the drop-down menu after selecting Standalone Module- Continuing Professional Development.

For this micro-credential, please copy and paste or type this into the text box under Module Name: CT609


12 Weeks.

The mode of study for this Micro-credential is online.

Enrolment dates

Academic Year 2024/25, Semester TBC

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