Future of Artificial Intelligence - Micro-credential

This Micro-credential aims to give learners an understanding of current trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future development of the field, covering both academic research and industrial deployments. The focus of the module will be on the challenges and opportunities that developments in AI present to individuals, organisations, and society. Learners will gain experience of critiquing literature on AI and evaluating the technological readiness of various AI approaches to solve specific real-world problems.

Subjects taught

Indicative list of topics:

Overview of Topic Issues in AI
AI for Recommender Systems
AI for Insurance
Applications of Reinforcement Learning
Reproducibility in AI Research & Development
Evaluating the Technological Readiness Levels of AI Systems
AI Failures
Explainable AI
Malicious Uses of AI
AI for Social Good
AI for Drug Discovery

Entry requirements

Applicants must be over 21 years of age.

A Level 8 undergraduate, or Level 7 qualification with 3 years experience is required.

Applications can be considered using Recognition of Prior Learning.

Students should have some prior knowledge of Artificial Intelligence before taking this module, as this will be necessary to engage with the lecture material and complete the assignments.

Application dates

From the 1st April 2024 you can apply for any University of Galway Micro-credential through our Online Application Portal.

When completing your application please make sure to select the following categories:

Academic level: Micro-credentials and CPD
College/Interest type: Micro-credentials/CPD Postgrad Level 9
Academic programme: Software Engineering & Database Technologies Micro-credentials – CPC1

You will need to manually enter the Module Name and Code under ‘Module Name’ on the second page of your application. Please copy the name and code below:

Future of Artificial Intelligence - CT5186


12 weeks

Pre-recorded lectures will be available online each week via Blackboard. There will also be some optional live online sessions for students to attend.

Enrolment dates

Academic Year 2024/25, Semester 2

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