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The PhD in Global Human Development is a 3-4 year full time ‘sandwich’ programme jointly offered by UCD and one of a number of other universities in Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and China. (University of Dar Es Salaam, University of Malawi, University of Zimbabwe and Xiamen University), or any other university in a ‘developing country’ willing to accept students for their obligatory research stay. The programme has been developed for government personnel and public servants (such as Higher Education academics, research institutes) mainly in East Africa

PhD students on the programme are required to spend at least one semester per academic year at UCD. Consequently the following semester has to be spent at their research university under the supervision of the student’s ‘local’ supervisor.

Programme Objectives
The aim of this programme is to pool the respective capacities of UCD and the respective partner universities to provide graduate research students and supervisors with what is necessary to conduct top class research in the field of development. Students will be provided with the academic and intellectual tools to work on the issues related to the Millennium Development Goals and poverty reduction through their respective core disciplines and place this within real-world experience and research in the developing world. Both institutions will provide members to the student’s Doctoral Studies Panel. Where this entails primary supervision resting with non-UCD staff members, such persons will be submitted through UCD channels for approval as adjunct staff members.

All students within the programme will adhere to all UCD and relevant College-level requirements for a structured PhD and specific programme requirements for the PhD in Global Human Development. This includes, inter alia, the acquisition of a minimum of 30 taught credits at UCD, a formal transfer assessment and completion of a Research and Professional Development Plan (RPDP). All students will submit their final dissertation to UCD and upon successful completion of their examination, will be awarded a UCD PhD. Students on the PhD programme in Global Human Development have to conduct their research at a university in a 'developing country' and therefore need to provide UCD with a letter of an academic from this university, confirming that he/she is willing to supervise the student during his/her research period. The 'local' supervisor will be a member of the Research Studies Panel.

Subjects taught

This is a 3-4 year full-time PhD Programme and students have to adhere to all UCD and relevant College-level requirements of a structured PhD.

We recommend students following certain structure:
Term one: Students are registered to both institutions, but will start their studies at UCD. It is recommended that students take at least 15-20 credits of taught modules (Level 4 & 5) in the first term at UCD. Students will work closely with their supervisor on the first draft of their research plan.

Term two: Students will conduct research at the partner institution under supervision of their local supervisors. Credits for research will be recorded.

Term three: Students return to UCD to acquire the final outstanding taught credits, which will have to amount to 30 by the end of term three. Students have to liaison with their supervisor and their Doctoral Studies Panel at UCD to prepare for their transfer assessment, which has to take place in the 3rd term of the PhD programme.

Term four & five: Students will go back to the partner institutions, work closely with their supervisors and will finalise their dissertation.

Term six: Students come to UCD to finalise and submit their dissertation.

Core Module: Students have to obtain in total 30 credits through taught modules. Students on this PhD programme will have to attend and have to successfully pass the core module 'Development PhD Roundtable GHSH50050' (5 credits).
Summary of The Programme Structure

Students are registered as full-time PhD students in UCD

Students undertake a structured PhD programme
Required training in six modules including research design, methods, and research specific areas

Students spend up to 13 weeks per year (one semester) in UCD, and the remainder of their time in their home institution

UCD training – students complete course work, stage two transfers, full assessment from beginning to completion; completion of a Research and Professional development training programme

Home institute – students execute their research project under supervision in their home location; students are expected to continue to support home institutions

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for the PhD in Global Human Development is a Master degree (MA or M.Sc.), with an overall grade of 2.1 (GPA 3.6) in the areas of Agricultural Science, Business Studies, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Politics, Sociology and other related areas of study whose ultimate focus is Global Human Development, in particular, poverty reduction.

Additionally we request a proof that the applicant is allowed to conduct research at another university in a 'developing' country by providing UCD with a letter from a ‘local’ supervisor.

Applicants need to comply with the UCD language requirements.

Application dates

To apply to the GHD programme, please fill out the application form and send, with the relevant documents, to Dara Gannon


3-4 Years Full Time

Enrolment dates

Entry to the programme is in September only

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    Degree - Doctoral (Level 10 NFQ)

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