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Healthcare Analytics - Mayo

Who should apply?
This programme will provide contextual skills and competencies to build, promote and manage data and information and to understand analytics in digital healthcare. Graduates will be able to identify areas within the healthcare environment where healthcare analytics can be applied - eHealth workers/digital champions are required across the full spectrum of healthcare job roles, spanning clinical, social care, informatics, and administration.

Subjects taught

Statistics for Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Analytics: Tools and Practices
Connected Health

Entry requirements

Applicants require a Level 8 degree with a H2.2 classification or equivalent and, at least 1 year experience working in or providing solutions into a healthcare environment. There is no cognate award requirement for entry and eligible candidates may be from any domain of activity of the health services sector, including inter alia health care and social care professionals, administrative, technical support staff and solutions development providers


1 year part-time, online.

Study Hours
It is recommended that students should try to allow for 5-7 hours per week per 5 credit module to their studies. This might be broken down to allow for up to 2 hours per week for online lectures and tutorials and 4-5 hours of self guided study hours.

On-Campus Attendance
No attendance required.

More details
  • Qualifications

    Special Purpose Certificate (Level 9 NFQ)

  • Attendance type

    Part time

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