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The Master of Arts in Instructional and Learning Design programme at LSAD is a one-year postgraduate programme that blends foundational learning theories with hands-on skills in creative design and multimedia for instructional design. These skills are in high demand by both industry and the educational sector.

Students will acquire project management and collaborative skills, and develop an understanding of the range of standard tools which reflect industry needs. This programme places particular emphasis on creative and innovative approaches to instructional and learning design and will be of interest to those who wish to shape the future of education and training.

The Master of Arts in Instructional and Learning Design will cover a broad spectrum of theory and applied skills, including core instructional design theories, project management tools, collaboration strategies, digital media integration, and mobile and microlearning design.

The programme will culminate in a major project focused on real-world applications with emphasis on creative portfolio development and production, preparing graduates for diverse professional roles in various industries and educational settings.

The MA is open for expressions of interest to creative graduates who wish to shape the future of education and training. The MA is also open for expressions of interest from experienced graduates or those within industry who wish to diversify their skills to respond to the escalating global demand for skilled and creative instructional designers.

Subjects taught

Foundations of Learning Theory and Instructional Design
Credits: 10
Explores key learning theories and their application to instructional design, focusing on learner-centered material development and assessment design.

Instructional Design Project Management Tools and Practices
Credits: 10
Equips students with skills in using essential instructional design tools and emphasizes collaborative work with subject matter experts.

Collaboration for Instructional Design
Credits: 10
Focuses on the role of collaboration in instructional design, teaching effective teamwork strategies and diverse perspective integration.

Digital Media, Visualization and Gamification for Instructional and Learning Design
Credits: 10
Teaches the integration of digital media and gamification in creating immersive and engaging learning experiences.

Mobile and Micro Learning: Designing for Devices
Credits: 10
Addresses the design and development of mobile-compatible instructional materials, emphasizing user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

Learning Analytics and Data-Driven Instructional and Learning Design
Credits: 10
Investigates the advantages of learning analytics and data to inform and optimize instructional design.

Major Project in Instructional and Learning Design
Credits: 30
Centres on a significant real-world project, applying skills from all modules to create an instructional design outcome, accompanied by a comprehensive portfolio.

Entry requirements

Any primary degree with a minimum award of Second-Class Honours Grade 2. Recognition of prior experiential learning (RPL) from applicants will also be considered for places based on relevant professional and life experience.

You will be required to attend an interview in person, or online together with members of the programme team and prepare a short statement of intent that outlines your reasons for embarking on this course of study.

Application dates

Application Deadline – Friday 4th March 2024
Download the application form from Application Weblink above.
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1 year full-time

Enrolment dates

Start date: 16/09/2024
Taking expressions of interest for Sept 2024
Location: Clare Street, Limerick City

Post Course Info

Career Opportunties
Instructional Designer in Higher Education: Developing and designing educational programs and courses for universities and colleges.

Corporate Training Instructional Designer: Designing and implementing training programs within business organisations.

E-Learning Developer: Creating digital learning materials and courses for online platforms.

Learning and Development Consultant: Advising organisations on effective training strategies and learning solutions.

Freelance Multimedia Designer for Educational Content: Producing engaging and interactive multimedia learning materials.

Mobile and Micro Learning Content Developer: Specialising in creating educational content optimised for mobile devices.

Instructional Design Project Manager: Overseeing instructional design projects, coordinating teams, and ensuring project goals are met.

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    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ)

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    Full time,Daytime

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