Law - Judicial Skills & Decision-Making

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Law - Judicial Skills & Decision-Making

Programme objectives
On completion of this training programme, participants will have:

Strengthened their case-management and leadership skills;

Attained an understanding of the skills needed to preside over various forums, including adjudicatory, tribunal, and board roles;

Developed their awareness of the complexities of the decision-making process;

Practiced and honed their skills with respect to drafting written judgments; and

Increased their knowledge regarding an array of issues that have a daily impact on adjudicatory forums in Ireland, including social diversity, equality, and vulnerable witnesses.

Programme structure and approach to learning
This diploma will provide participants with case-management leadership skills and practical training on how to run a case in any forum. It will also prepare participants for adjudicatory, tribunal, and board roles, and will explore the skills needed to preside over various forums.

Practical workshops on arriving at a determination and drafting judgments will be facilitated by means of case studies. An interactive online module on mediation will take a look at the challenges arising from integrating the mediation process with the legal system, examine key mediation skills and give students an insight into how the Mediation Act 2017 affects traditional court-based proceedings. The diploma also features a distinct module on awareness and sensitivity training and dealing with vulnerable witnesses and clients.

We have designed our courses to enable you to satisfy as much of your CPD requirement as possible. Time spent attending lectures and workshops in person or completing these via e-learning as part of your course can be claimed towards your annual CPD requirement. The number of hours of CPD that you may claim in relation to your diploma/certificate course will depend on the way in which you access each of the individual sessions. For further information, visit the CPD scheme and download the CPD booklet.

The Diploma Centre team will host our annual CPD conference in November 2023. This complimentary event is a dedicated management and professional development skills and regulatory matters session. We will post an invitation on your Diploma Hub page later in the year.

Subjects taught

The programme is based on the following module scheme and covers key themes as listed below:

Module 1: The exercise of judicial skills and decision-making
Ethical considerations; types of judicial roles/quasi-judicial bodies,
The application and recruitment process,
Understanding and managing the trial process,
Rules of evidence from the decision-maker’s perspective.

Module 2: Mediation, managing proceedings, and administering justice
Mediation overview from a judicial perspective,
The effect of the Mediation Act 2017,
Functions and duties of chairpersons of a board.

Module 3: Written judgments and decision-making skills
Drafting written judgments,
Proceedings involving litigants-in-person,
Assessing credibility; assessing expert evidence.

Module 4: The social context of law
Examination of cultural diversity in Ireland,
Independence and accountability,
Equality legislation and inclusion,
Consistency in sentencing,
Dealing with vulnerable clients or witnesses.

Workshops are a key feature of this course. These are designed to be interactive and involve working in groups on selected case-study problems and analysis, with an emphasis on the application of the law to common scenarios encountered in practice.

*Selected workshops will form part of the continuous assessment for the course.

1 Avoidance of bias and stereotyping
Saturday 21 October 2023 10am - 2pm

2 Functions and Duties of a Board
Saturday 18 November 2023 10am - 3pm

3 Drafting Written Judgments
Saturday 2 December 2023 10.30am - 12.30pm

4 Personal Leadership
Saturday 13 January 2024

Entry requirements

Who should attend?
This course is suitable for:

Solicitors, barristers, and other relevant professionals who wish to develop the skill-set necessary for adjudicatory, tribunal, and board roles, or the skills necessary to preside over various forums,

Directors or other relevant professionals seeking to gain necessary training with regard to overseeing decision-making processes in a corporate environment.

We welcome applications from others who are suitably qualified. Please explain your interest and set out any relevant experience in a cover letter and a brief CV. Such applications are subject to a supplemental fee of €335.

Application dates

The closing date for applications for this course is Wednesday 4 October 2023. To apply please follow the instructions on the course webpage - link below.


Delivery Method
Lectures Wednesdays and occasional Saturdays with interactive workshops. Also available to view on-demand.

Enrolment dates

Start Date
Wednesday 18 October 2023 at 6:00 PM

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    Part time,Weekend

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