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The vision of the MSc in Digital Marketing is to be a fiercely modern, relevant, and rigorous course graduating the best marketers in the country who are experts in both marketing as a field and digital marketing, specifically, and are hired at the top business companies in Ireland and around the world. This Masters course is aimed at graduates who wish to develop a deep understanding and high level of competence in the application of digital marketing tools and techniques. The combination of strategic, analytical and practical elements will provide graduates of this course with a distinct advantage in the marketplace. It is open to Irish and international business graduates (or related areas), who want to improve their digital skills, be industry-ready and find exciting jobs in the digital capital of Europe.

The close association between UCD Smurfit School, Dublin and the world's leading digital marketing companies offers students and professionals on the course a great opportunity to gain experience from the best in the industry.

Course content is delivered by a team comprising leading academics from the field and top professionals from global internet companies.

What will I learn?
The careful balance of theory and practice within the course is designed to make graduates fully prepared to enter the digital marketing industry or, in the case of professionals, progress further in their career.

1. Analytical insight into the role of digital marketing in business and its current contribution to boosting effectiveness and efficiency within companies.

2. The vital operational skills needed to successfully implement online advertising campaigns, social media marketing, e-CRM systems and web data analysis.

3. The necessary balance of conceptual understanding and hands-on skills to make graduates of the course highly sought-after by potential recruiters.

How will I benefit?
- Masters degree from Ireland's top graduate business school.
- Real work experience with clients from a range of industries.
- Insight into various industries and roles, allowing students to find their passion.
- With limited course numbers, students receive consistent feedback and guidance.
- Development of both professional and personal skills.
- Graduates from this programme are sought after by top marketing-led companies.
- Strong alumni community creating networking and mentorship opportunities.

This course comprises core modules and option modules (4 + 3), as well as an applied, market-relevant project in the final summer term.

Specific objectives of this course are:
•To develop a strategic and analytical perspective on how digital marketing fits into modern business and where it can make its greatest contribution.

•To develop a thorough understanding of how digital technology can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing at all stages of the business value chain.

•To develop practical skills in applying digital technologies such as online advertising, social media and mobile marketing, CRM systems, Search Engine Optimisation and web data analytics in running the modern business.

•To combine theory and practice in all aspects of digital marketing so as to be of significant value to employers immediately upon completion of the course.

Vision/Values Statement
The vision of the MSc in Digital Marketing is to be a fiercely modern, relevant, and rigorous course graduating the best marketers in the country who are experts in both marketing as a field and digital marketing, specifically, and are hired at the top business companies in Ireland and around the world. The values of the MSc in Digital Marketing are: Diversity – a massive strength of our program is the sheer diversity of cultures and experience, in marketing and beyond, that our students bring; drive – from lively classroom discussions to lecturers researching cutting-edge topics in digital marketing, our students and staff exude passion in all that they do; and relevance – we strive to be at cutting edge of digital marketing, delivering an education that is profoundly relevant to industry.

Programme Goals:
Core Business Knowledge: Our graduates will be current in the knowledge of theory and practice of digital marketing.

Programme Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:
Critically assess the theory and practice underpinning digital marketing, and how it augments and compliments traditional marketing.

Employ suitable frameworks and digital marketing tools to assist the identification and/or resolution of marketing challenges.

Collect and critically analyze data to optimize digital marketing efforts and overall strategy.

Programme Goals:
Communication Skills: Our graduates will be effective communicators in various business settings using appropriate media.

Programme Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:
Present work clearly and compellingly in oral, written, and visual formats.

Pitch ideas in a persuasive, concise, and creative manner.

Programme Goals:
Analytical Skills: Our graduates will be able to analyze industries, markets and competitors to design and implement appropriate competitive strategies.

Programme Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:
Audit the digital (and traditional) marketing presence of real client(s) and take an omnichannel approach to optimization.

Utilize appropriate online databases to conduct research on brand, tools, and trends.

Interpret existing and/or original research using quantitative tools to optimize digital marketing strategy and campaigns.

Programme Goals:
Global Perspective: Our graduates will be able to identify and understand how economic political, social and cultural factors impact on business management and related areas.

Programme Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:
Know and respect the ethics of digital marketing, especially as it pertains to privacy, on a global scale.

Optimize both global and local marketing strategies for organizations operating in the global marketplace.

Programme Goals:
Lifelong Learning: Our graduates will possess the ability to engage in continuous learning throughout their career.

Programme Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:
Engage in collaborative learning by completing business projects and assignments in teams.

Be well-equipped to continue learning on ones' own even after the program concludes

Subjects taught

Autumn Trimester
•Corporate Marketing Strategy
•Consumers in a Digital Age
•Consumer Insights & Analytics

Spring Trimester
•Omnichannel Marketing Communications

+ 2 option modules:

Advanced SEO and SEA
Social Media Marketing
Programmatic, Tracking, & Attribution
Neuromarketing, AI & Technology

Summer Trimester
Digital Marketing Project
+ 1 option module

Advanced Analytics & Big Data
Digital Business Model & eCommerce

Note: option modules listed are indicative of what has been delivered in previous years. What is offered each academic year is subject to change.

Note that on-campus teaching is delivered under prevailing public health guidelines. In the event of a required change to planned delivery, further information about alternative delivery methods (including online delivery) will be confirmed with prospective and incoming students.

Entry requirements

Please review the entry requirements below. The UCD Smurfit Admissions Office staff have expertise in reviewing international qualifications from around the world and will be able to assess your application's comparability to the Irish entry requirement.

A minimum second-class honours degree (or equivalent) in any discipline
A primary degree with a minimum of two years' work experience in a Marketing role

English Language Requirements
If English is not your first language, an English language qualification is required for admission to all of our programmes. The exception to this rule is if you have completed your primary degree or an entire third level qualification through English, in an English speaking country.

Visa Requirements
Some students might have to get a student visa in order to come and study in Ireland. Please check the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services website to see if you require a visa.

Application dates

Step 1: Collating Documentation
The first step is to collate the required documentation needed to assess your application*. These can include but are not limited to:
English Language Test
Additional Documentation

Step 2: The Application Process
Once you have collated the required documentation and reviewed the entry requirements for your programme of interest, you can now apply online.

Apply Online
You must apply online using our dedicated student information portal. You will be required to enter contact details, upload your documents and answer two essay questions (each approximately 300 words). We would ask that you seriously consider both essays and answer these in the context of the programme you are applying to. Try to not replicate your CV and demonstrate what makes you different from other applicants. There are no right or wrong ways to complete these essays.

Application Fee
You will then be asked to submit your application and pay the €50 application fee. No application can be assessed until the fee has been paid. You can apply for multiple programmes with the one application fee, but please be sure to mark your preferred course.

Application Review
Once submitted, it usually takes 2-3 weeks before a decision is made on fully completed applications. This time period can sometimes be longer and can vary at different times in the year and in different regions. We may offer you a conditional place based on the completion of a number of criteria, such as degree, English test, or another qualification. This reserves you a place on the course and once you have fulfilled this criteria we will issue you a full offer.

Acceptance is completed by paying a non-refundable deposit (varies from either €500 or €1000 depending on the programme. Most of our programmes require a €500 deposit). Your offer email will detail the exact deposit amount required. Once you have accepted you will then be supported by the Programme Office who will contact you with further course and start details.


12 months full-time.

Post Course Info

Career opportunities
Graduates of the MSc in Digital Marketing find exciting career opportunities in any of the following areas/roles: Marketing Management; Advertising and Design; Digital Marketing Manager; Digital Consultant; Web/Online Manager; Digital/Social Media Specialist; Market Research and Public Relations.

96% of our graduates from this programme were employed after 6 months across a range of industry sectors. (Source: Latest Graduate Outcomes Survey, published in December 2019)

Potential careers for our graduates include:
Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Web/Online Manager
Market Research
Insights Analyst
Digital Sales Executive
Channel Marketing Coordinator

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