Medicine - Research

Research, science and a commitment to enquiry and discovery inform every aspect of the School's mission

Our School has a wide and dynamic research portfolio extending from in silico bioinformatics, molecular laboratory investigations of disease to clinical research evaluating new therapeutic strategies.

Our 100 investigators generate approximately €15 million in annual research income and have grants under management work over €85 million. They also generate over 1,500 publications per year.

Many of our research staff are involved in multi-national research projects and clinical trials, contributing to UCD’s global footprint in healthcare science research.

Graduate Research
UCD School of Medicine has a strong tradition of enquiry-based research. Our 140+ investigators generate approximately €15 million in annual research income and have grants under management worth more than €90 million. Our undergraduate students are always encouraged to immerse themselves in structured medical research throughout their studies. This approach is consistent with our desire to shape not just world-class healthcare professionals, but also scientific innovators, who will advance the boundaries of medical understanding and contribute to the development of new approaches to treatment and care to benefit patients.

Excellence in Translational Research
Research training is now a prerequisite for many medical and scientific careers. We offer graduates the opportunity to a research degree in a multidisciplinary translational environment focused on increasing knowledge on the prevention and treatment of human disease.

Graduate Research Association of Medicine (GRAM)

GRAM provides a supportive network for the 170+ Graduate Researchers linked to the School of Medicine but working across a range of academic and clinical sites. The main aims of the Association are to recognise and celebrate milestones of postgraduate students including publication of papers, submission, successful defence and graduation and to promote and celebrate diversity, equality, and inclusion within the postgraduate student community.

Professor Peter Doran, Associate Dean for Research, Innovation and Impact, UCD School of Medicine saaid at the launch event in October 2020 “Research, science and a commitment to enquiry and discovery inform every aspect of the School's mission and the establishment of GRAM supports this ethos and allows us, in turn, to support our Graduate Researchers enhancing their experience at our School and the advancement of their careers.”

“Essentially GRAM is the engine of our research productivity and the research interests and areas of focus of our Graduate Researchers are vast and diverse. Currently examples of their research include examining minimally invasive tissue engineered heart valve protheses for paediatric applications, novel approaches to overcoming drug resistance in targeted melanoma therapy, how sperm sexing affects sperm quality, gameto-maternal interaction and embryonic development and effects of gynaecological cancers in the morphology and function of the human fallopian tube.”

Be Part of Ireland's Most Extensive Research Network
Graduate students carry out original research under the supervision of established researchers within our Research Institutes (Conway, SBI, Charles), our Research Centres on the Belfield Campus and at the School’s major teaching hospitals including St Vincent’s University Hospital, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, CHI at Temple Street, CHI at Crumlin and the Coombe Women's & Infants' University Hospital, and the National Maternity Hospital, Holles St.

Entry requirements

Candidates for this degree are required to be admitted by the School of Medicine on the recommendation of the Professor. Candidates who have not graduated in this University may be admitted if suitably qualified.

No candidate can be allowed to enter on a course of study and research for the Degree of PhD unless he/she has reached a high honours standard at the examination for the primary degree or presented such other evidence as will satisfy the Professor and the School of his/her fitness.

Full Academic Regulations for the programme are available at!W_HU_MENU.P_PUBLISH?p_tag=GD-DOCLAND&ID=123%2

Application dates

Application Details
To apply for this programme, please ensure that you have fulfilled all of the required regulations.

Complete the PhD Application Form (2022-23) and return to:
UCD School of Medicine
Room C123/ C124 Health Sciences Centre
Dublin 4
Telephone: +353 1 716 6585/ 6600

For September Registration: Application deadline is 30th July

For January Registration: Application deadline is 30th November

For May Registration: Application deadline is 30th March

Please feel free to contact us via the above address/phone/email should you require further information.


X237 3 years full-time / 6 years part-time

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