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Research training is now a prerequisite for many medical and scientific careers. We offer graduates the opportunity to pursue a research degree in a multidisciplinary translational environment focused on increasing knowledge on the prevention and treatment of human disease.

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Graduate students carry out original research under the supervision of established researchers associated with the School from the UCD Conway Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Science, the Centre for Research in Infectious Disease (both based on the Belfield Campus) and the School's major teaching hospitals including St Vincent's University Hospital, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Children's University Hospital (Temple St), Our Lady's Children's Hospital (Crumlin) and the Coombe Women's & Infants' University Hospital, and the National Maternity Hospital, Holles St.

Entry requirements

Subject to the provisions of the University Statute, a candidate shall be eligible to obtain the Degree of Doctor of Medicine fifteen terms after obtaining the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine.

A period of not less than 3 years shall have elapsed from the time the candidate obtained the Degrees of MB BCh BAO.

The University may grant the Degree of Doctor of Medicine to graduates of the University or Licentiates of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland who shall have fulfilled all prescribed conditions as to the manner in which such Degree of Doctor may be obtained. Graduates of any other University or students of advanced standing who possess a medical qualification deemed to be equivalent to the primary degree in Medicine of the University, and who shall have fulfilled all other prescribed conditions as to the manner in which such Degree of Doctor may be obtained, shall be eligible to obtain the Degree of Doctor of Medicine provided that they are working in a recognised teaching hospital or in a school of the University under the direction of the Head of the School or of a Statutory Professor of the University.

The College, if satisfied that a prima facie case has been made, may appoint one or more of its members to advise on the work and preparation of the thesis.

1. The candidate shall apply to the School of Medicine for permission to present for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine by thesis at least two years before presentation of the thesis for examination.
2. The application, which should be in triplicate, should be accompanied by:

-a detailed outline of the proposed area of research and its aims

-details of experience in the subject chosen

-information on the facilities available for carrying out the research and the methods to be used

-a statement from the Head of the School in which the work is to be carried out, or from an appropriate referee, as to the applicant's suitability to undertake the work, detailing the percentage of protected research time devoted to the project on an annual basis, and confirming that the research has been approved by the appropriate body.
3. Candidates may not submit proposals based on research previously used to gain membership of a College.

The following further conditions for the award of the degree must be fulfilled:
The thesis shall embody original observations on the subject chosen and shall contain material that in the opinion of the examiners will ordinarily be suitable for publication in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals.
Candidates must produce evidence of having been substantially involved in carrying out research work over a period of two years before lodging the thesis for examination.
The candidate shall supply a statement from the Head of the School, or from an appropriate referee, indicating that the material in the thesis is the result of the candidate's personal effort when the thesis is being lodged for examination.
Excellence in the standard of presentation is required and the recommendations concerning presentation must be adhered to.
Candidates must register with the University for a minimum period of two years and pay the appropriate fee for the academic terms during which the research is undertaken.
Candidates shall advise the School of Medicine of their intention to lodge the thesis approximately six months in advance of submission. A brief summary of the work should also be supplied.
A thesis may not be lodged for examination until a period of at least two years has elapsed from the date of School approval and registration with the University.
Four copies of the thesis must be lodged in the Examinations Office, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4. Judgement will be made as soon as possible.
The candidate may be required to satisfy the examiners in an oral examination on the subject matter of the thesis.


2 years full-time / 4 years part-time

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