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Philosophy - Taught

The MPhil (Taught) is a two year part-time or one year full-time programme and consists of six taught modules (chosen from the list below) and a minor thesis 15,000 – 20,000 words. Students must take a research and methodology module or provide evidence of having completed training in research and methodology. The programme overall is worth 90 ECTS.

This programme is designed for students who wish to deepen their foundational knowledge and capacity in philosophical thought, within the Christian tradition. It is devised to facilitate students who may have other professional commitments, wether in professional or ministeriall life. Students who undertake this programme may need to take a bridging year to develop research skills, if they wish to continue to the doctoral programme.

Subjects taught

Candidates undertake two modules per semester, completing their six modules by the end of their third semester. Candidates devote their fourth semester to writing their thesis.

Overview of Postgraduate Modules

Cycle A

Code Lecturer(s) Title Semester Comment

PY401 DR Gaven Kerr Philosophical Themes in Ancient and Medieval Thought: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics 1

PY 402 Dr Philip Gonzales Perspectives on Selfhood 1

PY 403 DR Gaven Kerr Mind and World 2

PY 404 DR Gaven Kerr Philosophy, Science, Nature 2

PY 405 DR Philip Gonzales Creation And Desire 2

Cycle B

PY 406 DR Gaven Kerr Texts in Modern Philosophy 1

PY 408 DR Philip Gonzales Political Theology 1

PY 407 DR Gaven Kerr Themes from the Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas 2

PY 409 DR Philip Gonzales Philosophy of God 2

Academic Life

PG 903 Corley Research Seminar Yearlong Qualifier

PG 901 Various Research Support Yearlong Qualifier

Entry requirements

The minimum entry requirement is an honours primary degree in which Philosophy comprises at least an equal joint honours component. Candidates should have obtained at least Second Class Honours, Grade I or equivalent overall. An interview will be part of the selection procedure. The Faculty of Philosophy will also consider applications from candidates whose primary degree is in a subject cognate with philosophy and which comprises a significant philosophical component as determined by the admission board of the Faculty. Candidates whose first language is not English will be required to satisfy the English language requirement of the Faculty of Philosophy. Candidates will normally be expected to register year by year on a continuous basis until they have completed their degree. Candidates wishing to suspend registration may do so only on the express permission of the Faculty.

Application dates

Application Deadline: 02nd August 2024

For EU & those living on the island of Ireland (Late applications may be considered).

31st May 2024 For non EU


1 year full-time or 2 part-time Years

Enrolment dates

Course Start Date: September 2024

Post Course Info

Aside from an academic career in philosophy, philosophy graduates typically pursue careers in sales, marketing and related associate professionals, business, research and administrative professionals, and the finance sector.

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