RISE - Research Internships in Science and Engineering

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RISE - Research Internships in Science and Engineering

An outstanding opportunity to combine both research and a rewarding study-abroad experience!

What is RISE?

RISE is a research internship programme targeted at students or researchers from the UK and Ireland studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science or a closely related field.

Through the RISE programmes students develop practical skills and broaden their experience with applied sciences in a working environment.

The DAAD awards grants to help cover living expenses, travel subsidies and insurance covers. Partner universities and research institutes provide housing assistance and appointed internship supervisors will serve as personal and professional mentors.


Scientists and engineers with international experience are increasingly sought-after for industrial research and development (R&D). With this programme, participants get the opportunity to dive into another country’s culture and contribute to research projects by providing practical support.

RISE Germany - Undergraduates

This is a summer placement programme for undergraduate students from the UK and Ireland. It offers unique opportunities for students to work with research groups at universities and top research institutions across Germany for a period of three months during the summer.

As a RISE intern, undergraduate students will assist a doctoral student or researcher, who will serve as a mentor. Proficiency in German is not required, as the working language is English.

RISE Professional - Postgraduates

Through RISE Professional, summer research internships in Germany are available to Master and PhD students from the UK and Ireland. Participants work at companies and non-university research institutions with strong relations to industry in Germany. The working language is usually English, depending on the requirements of the project.

Application Deadline

15 December for a placement in the following summer

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