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Special & Additional Learning Needs

Masters in Special & Additional Learning Needs (University of East London).

The MA/ PG Diploma / PG Certificate in Special and Additional Learning Needs was developed jointly by The School of Education and Communities, University of East London (UEL), and the Institute of Child Education and Psychology (ICEP) Europe.

Both UEL and ICEP Europe have a long track record in providing quality programmes in the field of special educational needs in the UK, Ireland, and internationally. This course provides expert knowledge to support educators and those working with the increasing diversity of children with additional learning needs in education settings on an international level. The programme aims to build upon participants' existing skills and competencies, thus enhancing the quality of education for children and young people with special and additional learning needs in a variety of settings worldwide.

The international programme content is underpinned by the latest research in the field of special education, and ICEP Europe are at the forefront of research into best practice in education. Both UEL and ICEP Europe are equally committed to promoting inclusion for people with diverse needs and learning differences through the provision of the highest quality continuing professional development.

The programme is relevant to both mainstream and specialist settings and the overall aim is to build the capacity of teachers and other professionals to respond effectively to the diverse educational needs of all learners, including those with special and additional educational needs.

Who is the programme aimed at?
This programme is for all those, both in the UK and internationally, who are interested in Special and Additional Learning Needs, and those who have achieved a National Award in Special Educational Needs Coordination (SENCo) and want to progress to an MA qualification. This programme is also particularly suitable for teachers, psychologists, and other allied professionals working in educational settings who wish to deepen and extend their existing knowledge of inclusive education and evidence-based approaches in order to respond effectively to the needs of their students. The programme will provide participants with the capacity to meet legislative requirements for pupils with SEN and to meet the specific and general needs of learners. The programme supports the development of the SENCo role and provides opportunities to specialise in specific areas of SEN.

This specialist SEN qualification is fully online and international in focus. It is undertaken on a part time basis and is modular giving you real flexibility in terms of study and payment. If modules are completed in succession, students can complete the course in two years.

A suite of unique modules have been developed solely for this programme, designed to offer educators specialist, practical knowledge in special and additional educational needs. Participants can customise the programme to their needs by choosing the modules which reflect their specific interests and educational contexts.

Subjects taught

The following modules are available to choose from:
• Inclusive Education: Collaboration and best practice.
• Autism Spectrum Disorders: Contemporary perspectives and best practice.
• Dyslexia and Literacy: Issues, perspectives and best practice.
• Applied Behavioural Analysis: Critical exploration and practice.
• Exceptionally Able Learners: Understanding theory, perspectives and practice.
• Understanding Behaviour: Theories, perspectives and best practice.

The above modules carry a weighting of 15 ECTS credits (30 CATS credits). A further module on Research Methods and Dissertation (30 ECTS, 60 CATS credits) will be required when completing this MA in Special Educational Needs.

Entry requirements

What are the entry requirements for the programme?
• Successful applicants must have an undergraduate honours (level 6 UK, level 8 IRL) degree, minimum 2:2 classification or equivalent.
• In the case of applicants whose first language is not English, then IELTS 7 (or equivalent) is required. International qualifications will be checked for appropriate matriculation to UK Higher Education postgraduate programme.

Application dates

We are now accepting applications for the September 2021 intake.

How do I apply for the programme?
You can complete the online application form on the ICEP Europe Website (www.icepe.eu)

There are two intakes for new students each year in September and January.



• PG Certificate – Two modules (30 ECTS)

• PG Diploma – Four modules (60 ECTS)

• MA – Four modules, plus a dissertation (90 ECTS)

This is a modular programme so you can commence with the PG Cert and then progress to the Diploma or MA if you wish. And you can take a module at a time giving you real flexibility.


2 years part time.
Fully Online (no in person attendance required).

How long do I have to complete each programme?
The typical duration of the MA programme is a minimum of two years and a maximum of six years, part time (in accordance with UEL's Academic Framework and modular regulations). Participants begin the programme in either September or January and normally complete one 30 credit module per term, however you do have the option to take breaks between modules if you wish. We run three terms per year in September, January and May.

How long does a single module take to complete?
A single module is taught over a period of 8-10 weeks, with a further 3-4 weeks to complete the assignment. The Research Methodologies and Dissertation module is a double module, so the hand in date is generally two terms after you start the module. This would mean if you start in January, the hand in date is usually the first week of September, if you start in April, the hand in date will be the first week of January and if you start in September, the hand in date will be in April.

How many terms are there each year?
There are 3 teaching terms available each year. They are in September, January and May.


The online format of the programme and the flexibility to pay for modules on an individual basis offers busy professionals the opportunity to work around their existing schedule and gain a recognised University qualification regardless of location.

Each module costs £1,120 which must be paid in full prior to the commencement of each module. In many cases students will be able to claim tax back on these fees and may be able to avail of certain fee refund schemes.

Enrolment dates

This course has two intakes each year, September and January.

Post Course Info

What job prospects will be available upon completion?
The PG Cert / PG Dip / MA in Special and Additional Learning Needs offers you a qualification that will enhance your career prospects and professional knowledge in the field of special and additional education.

The programme provides you with the expertise and skills required to pursue a career in SEN, including teaching (please note this is not a teaching qualification) or consultancy, inclusion work, education journalism, management, youth/social work and employment with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as developing your personal skills and academic knowledge.

The programme also supports those working in the UK and internationally who are interested in further training in fields such as psychotherapy, childcare, or developing an academic career in the field of SEND and inclusion.

The programme also supports the development of the SENCo role and provides opportunities to specialise in specific areas of SEN.

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    MA/ PG Diploma / PG Certificate

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    Postgraduate Diploma at UK Level 7,Degree - Masters at UK Level 7,Postgraduate Certificate at UK Level 7

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    Part time

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