Strategic Management in Financial Services

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Strategic Management in Financial Services

At a glance
The Professional Diploma in Strategic Management in Financial Services will focus on the theory and practice underpinning strategy design, development and implementation. It seeks to develop graduates ability to ascertain and analyse the key drivers that shape and contribute to a firm's superior performance (competitive advantage) in the marketplace.

Who is it for?
• The aim of the Professional Diploma in Strategic Management in Financial Services is to provide graduates with a specific skill set to build on their prior learning, augment their technical knowledge and competencies and up skill/ re-skill them to deal with the key changes and challenges facing their organisations and sector.

• The programme will provide a strategic lens through which students can integrate their technical knowhow in the provision of organisation-wide solutions, solve complex problems and formulate and implement strategy and change in a dynamic business environment.

How you will benefit
On completing the Professional Diploma in Strategic Management in Financial Services, graduates will be able to:
• Explain current theory and practice underpinning strategy, strategy formulation, innovation, strategic-decision making and strategic implementation.
• Analyse and assess the financial services market environment using appropriate models and frameworks.
• Select and apply appropriate tools to diagnose the environmental opportunities and threats faced by a financial services organisation and evaluate the strategic alternatives available to deliver customer and client value.
• Formulate performance measures for strategic implementation and create and implement a change management programme to support strategic implementation.
• Engage with colleagues and demonstrate personal initiative and leadership in developing and implementing organisational strategy. 6. Communicate clearly (using appropriate media) to pertinent stakeholder's, current strategic management issues for financial services players.
• Pursue appropriate learning opportunities (academic and non-academic) to enhance their strategic decision capabilities.

Subjects taught

You will study 3 modules;
Strategic Decision Making
(NFQ level 9, 10 ECTS)
This module will explore the nature of the strategic decision-making process and will consider the influence of organisation context on the effectiveness of strategic decision-making.

Strategy and Innovation in Financial Services
(NFQ level 9, 10 ECTS)
This module considers the strategic choices available to management and investigates the new and emerging business models. Understanding the impact of innovation is a critical factor in creating a strategic framework for new solutions and opportunities to support competitive advantage.

Strategy Implementation and Change Management
(NFQ level 9, 10 ECTS)
This module is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical underpinnings of execution within organizations. It will build upon the fields of strategy and organizational change management to provide participants with skills to enable the translation of plans into concrete actions within organizational settings.

Entry requirements

The minimum entry requirements to the Professional Diploma in Strategic Management in Financial Services are as follows;
• An Honours degree (min. 2.2 L8 NFQ)

• Admission many also be considered for experienced professionals who do not meet the admission requirements as set out above, where they can demonstrate knowledge through their work i.e. they have more than 5 years' experience in a management role (to be considered on a case by case basis).

You must be a current member of IOB, or become a member, to undertake this programme.


Delivery is online.

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  • Qualifications

    Special Purpose Diploma (Level 9 NFQ)

  • Attendance type

    Part time

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