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AHEAD is an organisation empowering graduates with disabilities in their employment journey since 2005.

Who We Are

At AHEAD we understand the unique challenges faced by students and graduates with disabilities in the job market and we are committed to providing tailored support to ensure successful transition into a fulfilling career.

How do we do this?

Through two of our employment projects, The WAM Programme and GetAHEAD.

The WAM Programme partners with leading employers to offer roles exclusively for graduates with disabilities. These roles are fully paid at graduate level and we welcome graduates from all educational disciplines. At WAM we understand that a successful transition into the workforce requires more than just securing a job - it requires ongoing support and guidance. That's why WAM provides comprehensive support to both employers and graduates throughout the recruitment process and during their placement, ensuring a smooth integration into the role.

Through GetAHEAD , we offer students and graduates with disabilities information, training, workshops and resources in relation to seeking employment. These cover a wide range of topics including writing your CV, filling out applications, interview preparation, job seeking, disclosure and legal entitlements.

How do I apply or register for opportunities?

Register your profile by going to https://www.ahead.ie/wamworks to hear and apply for all events and paid work opportunities with our partnered employers.


Graduates with disabilities who join our WAMWorks database can not only attend all of our upskilling events, but you can also apply for job opportunities with some of Irelands leading employers including Allianz, Bank of Ireland, Civil Service, Local Authorities, NTMA, Pfizer, SIG and many more. These job opportunities are exclusively ring-fenced for graduates with disabilities!

By undertaking a WAM graduate paid and mentored work placement with one of Ireland’s leading employers you get the chance to enter the world of work and avail of the many training and development opportunities both your employer and WAM offer during your employment.

  • Opportunity to demonstrate skills and improve or learn new skills and talents
  • Work in a professional environment and as part of a team
  • A safe space to disclose and discuss disability and work related issues
  • Needs Assessment to identify any supports you may need or are entitled to in the workplace
  • Support of a mentor onsite
  • Receive professional feedback and avail of in-house training
  • Set and achieve personal and career goals
  • Enhance your industry knowledge
  • Join employee resource groups or social groups at work
  • Network and interact with colleagues to further develop your interpersonal skills
  • Improved confidence
  • Advance in your career

Are our job opportunities for you?

  • Do you have a disability?
  • Are you a graduate* or a student? *Please note, you do not need to be a recent graduate.
  • Do you have a minimum NFQ Level 6 qualification or you are currently enrolled in study towards this level?
  • Are you available and ready to undertake full time, graduate level work?

How do I apply?

  1. Register for free on our WAMWorks Database to hear about job opportunities advertising throughout the year with various Irish employers.
  2. Apply for the role you are interested in ensuring you meet the specific eligibility criteria detailed in the accompanying job description.
  3. Let us know if you require any accommodations for the recruitment process and we will advise and support the employer to implement these.
  4. If your application is successful the company will invite you for interview.
  5. If you are offered the role, AHEAD will meet you to complete a needs assessment to see what help or support you may need for this specific job. .
  6. You will be assigned a mentor who works in the company and is there is support you during your placement, help you settle into the workplace and talk with you about further career opportunities. WAM will occasionally check in with you, your manager and mentor to see if supports are being put in place and also to ask how you are getting on.
  7. Join the WAMWorks Database by visiting https://www.ahead.ie/wamworks

Equality and Diversity

At AHEAD we are committed to fostering a fair and equitable environment where every graduate has the opportunity to pursue their career aspirations to the fullest.

We are committed to a rights-based approach to our work, underpinned by the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We believe that disabled people should have equity of opportunity to flourish through education and employment, and we seek to better understand the impact of intersectionality on the realisation of their rights.

AHEAD aims to:

  • Facilitate education providers and employers to strategically embed universal design, inclusion, and the empowerment of disabled people
  • Build the capacity of people to be disability-inclusive in their roles, and to advocate for inclusion in their organisations
  • Affect change in national policy to positively impact on the inclusion of disabled people and the realisation of their rights


When applying for jobs through AHEAD’s WAM programme, graduates with disabilities gain access to a supportive recruitment process designed to cater for unique needs and be inclusive of disabled candidates.

We understand that each candidate may require specific accommodations during the recruitment process and in the workplace. That’s why we facilitate accommodations, conduct needs assessments and provide disability training and information to employers.

We also provide a safe space to discuss your disability in relation to employment and offer support and advise on disclosing your disability at work. At AHEAD we aim to ensure the employment journey of the graduate and employer is supported and successful.

Personal development

By linking in with AHEAD you gain invaluable information and resources to assist with your job seeking, build on your employability skills and advise on your disability in relation to work.

Enhance your job seeking, application and recruitment experience.

  • Attend our unique careers event Building the Future aimed at students and graduates with disabilities. Here you will have the opportunity to have your CV reviewed, attend a mock interview, meet high profile companies and get lots of tips and advice on job seeking.
  • Attend our GetAHEAD Think Twice workshops on topics such as interview skills, writing your CV, telling employers about your disability and many more topics that aim to prepare you for the world of work!
  • Avail of the many resources, publications and blogs on our website

Here's what our graduates have to say about The WAM Programme

  • 81% secured employment as a direct result of their WAM placement
  • 92% gained confidence in their ability to work in mainstream environments
  • 95% felt they gained practical experience in the workplace
  • 87% felt they learned transferrable skills from education to the workplace
  • 69% are no longer in receipt of disability/illness payments

“The WAM placement provided me with a stepping stone from college into the working world. The experience it gave me has proved invaluable for helping me obtain further employment and I cannot be more grateful for this.”

“WAM allowed me to identify the assistive supports available which help in completing everyday tasks in the workplace.”

Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

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