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Professionals working together on a laptop with a woman on a phone call in the background, representing business advisors and accountants.

At Xeinadin we understand that each organisation is different and faces unique challenges.

About us

We are a group of business advisory and accountancy practices across the UK and Ireland that help the owner-managers of small and medium sized enterprises achieve their business and personal goals.

Business owners increasingly want a close relationship with a trusted advisor who can provide them with expert advice across the whole spectrum of business and associated personal issues – everything from management accounts and auditing to advice on their personal tax returns or corporate finance.

The market is filled with small firms that can only deliver a few services, or huge international groups that can provide a wide range of services but can lack the personal touch of a local firm, so our model is designed to give businesses the best of both worlds. We build trusted personal relationships at a local level, but with the benefit of innovative technology, centralised back office support and a wide range of specialist expertise from across our national group.

We are insightful

Because as business advisers we must help clients see and understand how to navigate challenges.

We are progressive

Because we must continuously innovate and progress to remain relevant and survive amongst ever-increasing market disruption.

We are open minded

Because we must remain open to new solutions and ways of working to continue to improve and innovate.

We are empathetic

Because trusted client relationships are central to our value proposition and we must be able to empathise with our clients’ problems and situations if we are to build that trust with them.

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