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The Insurance Institute is the number one provider of insurance education in Ireland. We design and deliver programmes and training to over 17,500 professionals, and equip graduates looking for a job in the industry with the skills they need to succeed.

Why choose us?

Insurance is a hugely important and diverse industry. It influences just about every sector and subject area, underpinning everything from small companies to multinational organisations and even global economies. In Ireland, insurance employs over 28,000 people.

When you start working as an apprentice, you’ll become part of one of the industry’s professional bodies, either The Insurance Institute or the LIA. You'll be helped through every stage of the programme, whether it's preparing for your qualification exams, supporting you as you work through your Capstone Project or providing you with the resources you need to kick-start your career in insurance.

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What is an insurance apprenticeship?

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship is Ireland’s first apprenticeship to award a level 8 honours degree – the BA (Hons) in Insurance Practice.

The three-year, work-based training programme combines academics with on-the-job learning, allowing you to acquire both technical and soft skills. As an apprentice, you will be recruited into an insurance organisation, where you will learn the practical aspects of the job while studying towards your degree. All study is done online through IT Sligo and The Insurance Institute or the LIA.

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A benefit of our qualifications is that it can open doors and create exciting opportunities across the globe. With world class, internationally recognised qualifications under their belts, our graduates have gone on to secure careers in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US and across Europe.

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Insurance Institute of Ireland

Insurance Institute of Ireland

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