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If you work in the healthcare industry, and wish to advance your career, RCSI Institute of Leadership has a wide range of leadership programmes to suit your needs and schedule.

RCSI has been at the forefront of healthcare education in Ireland for over 200 years. A deep professional responsibility to enhance human health informs all that we do. Dedicated exclusively to cultivating and strengthening the leadership abilities of those working within the healthcare sector, the RCSI Institute of Leadership provides a safe and stimulating learning environment for all healthcare professionals.

Which programme is for me?

Below is a brief description of our MSc degree programmes and our shorter, targeted professional diploma awards, all developed with the needs of the busy healthcare professional in mind:

MSc degree programmes:

Part-time and flexible using a blend of classroom and digital delivery:

The MSc in Leadership is designed to develop tomorrow's leaders today by significantly developing leadership competencies, management skills. This programme aims to foster the ability to be innovative in an uncertain healthcare environment with limited resources, increased demands and significant budget restrictions.

The MSc in Healthcare Management is designed to facilitate healthcare professionals, managers and administrators to develop the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills to manage and lead effectively in the healthcare environment.

The MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to develop skills in evaluating core concepts around patient safety, quality, accreditation and governance.

Professional Diplomas:

Our shorter Professional Diplomas, 9 months in duration, offer targeted, skills-focused, development opportunities for current and future leaders tasked with the planning and delivery of patient care.

The Professional Diploma in Clinical Leadership (Online) is designed for busy healthcare professionals who wish to attend an innovative, world-leading institution and develop their leadership skills in their own time. The programme is designed with maximum flexibility in mind, to meet the leadership development needs of busy healthcare professionals and those of sponsoring healthcare organisations. This innovative programme fosters collaborative learning among multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals to develop leadership skills and competency development and support career enhancement.

The Professional Diploma in Leading People and Teams in Healthcare is unique in that it is a multidisciplinary post graduate professional diploma programme designed to give you the necessary HR knowledge and expertise needed to manage teams and interactions in a healthcare environment. The programme is for existing, newly appointed healthcare professionals across all disciplines in the private, public or non-profit sector who wish to develop their people management and employee relations skills.

The Professional Diploma in Leading Quality and Value Improvement will develop the quality improvement (QI) competencies of healthcare professionals. The programme develops skills in QI methods and measures and supports the development of facilitation of team-based clinical quality improvements and the ability to lead broader organizational improvements. Crucially, students will be able to demonstrate “value” for health service users by providing evidence of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Dedicated Exclusively to Leadership Education

RCSI Institute of Leadership is Ireland's only third-level institution, dedicated exclusively to developing the leadership, management and educational capacity of health professionals to the highest international standards.

230 Years of Teaching Excellence

Follow in the path of former students who have embraced 230 years of teaching excellence. Driven by the promise of ‘leading the world to better health’, RSCI has been at the forefront of healthcare education, since its establishment in 1784.

RCSI is an innovative, world leading international Health Sciences Institution in the service of excellence in Human Health.

Community with extraordinary opportunities

With more than 84 countries represented on RCSI’s international student body and with campuses in Ireland, Malaysia and the Middle East, our global reach informs a global perspective on how future clinical professionals are trained and developed today.

Hear from our students

Cinny Cusack

Rotunda Hospital Dublin

"Completing the programme has changed the way I think about work, and how I run my department. It has given me tools to use on a day-to-day basis, from quality improvement projects, to understanding risk and the value of accreditation."

Dr Paul O'Dwyer

National Group Clinical Advisor, Dental Care Ireland

"I chose the RCSI Institute of Leadership for its distinguished history, contemporary and collaborative teaching methods, and ambitious future."

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RCSI - Institute of Leadership

RCSI - Institute of Leadership

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