Languages and culture

Anais Pau

I really enjoy this role as I am practicing my languages skills and I also learn to work faster and also to see what is the priority during my day.

Degree subject Languages, Lierature and Foreign Civilizations (University of Angers, France)
Job title Supply Chain Associate
Employer Wayfair
Languages English, French, Spanish, German

Could you provide us with a summary of how you became interested in a career using languages?

I have been interested in having a career in the language sector as far back as I remember. When I was 13, I got chosen to go on three weeks trip to Dublin with my school. I did not speak much English at the time but I loved the language and the people and I discovered that I have learned more in three weeks than I did since I started learning English. After this, I started to learn Spanish and German. Then, I entered a European High School in France where languages and linguistic trips were encouraged and promoted. I graduated from high school in 2010 where I took intensive English classes and then went to University to study English in depth. By the end of my degree, my level of English had really improved thanks to my involvement and my interest in the language. When I decided to leave France and go to Erasmus in Ireland – I knew I would use my language skills in my career. I have now been three years living in Ireland, using my language skills on a daily basis and developing further skills.

How did your degree contribute to you working with Wayfair, and what was involved in the selection process for the programme?

My degree had a huge impact on getting my job in Wayfair. English is now the language I use every day in my role. My English got better while working in Wayfair and I communicate with people from all over Europe and the world, using English. It’s integral to my work.

What does your daily role involve, and what’s been one of the biggest challenges so far?

I have only been working in my current role only for a short period of time, but one of my biggest challenges is to manage my own time as we are entrusted with a lot of responsibility and autonomy. In my role in I can manage my own time as long as I am getting the work done by the end of the day. This involves contacting suppliers via phone or email to ensure their inventory is available on our database to provide daily or weekly updates and to prevent backorders on our site. I really enjoy this role as I am practicing my languages skills and I also learn to work faster and also to see what is the priority during my day.

What’s exciting about your job?

I learn something new every day. We are working in open spaces and it is easy to ask questions. We have colleagues from all over Europe and so many different languages are spoken around the office and that is a part of the job I really enjoy. I am learning Portuguese at the moment thanks to the people who are surrounding me in the office.

What advice would you have for students and graduates?

The piece of advice I will give to students and graduates is to be open minded and travel and learn. It really helps you to find your path. When I arrived in Ireland, I did not really know what I wanted to do as a career. I found my path while travelling and meeting new people. It is also important to have contacts with new people – that’s what helped get me this job in Wayfair.

How do you hope to see your career developing over the next few years?

I hope my career will help me develop my language skills and I will also like to be more involved in the company I work for. I think my new role will allow me to do this so I’m looking forward to exciting times ahead.