Catherine Walsh, Research Manager, GLG

25 Jan 2023, 13:36

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With no idea of the type of job I wanted to get, I relied on my
ability and interest in literature and language to direct me.
From publishing houses to a French insurance company, the
beginnings of my career were focused on language and
communication skills. From there, GLG seemed like the
perfect fit – a growing company with a global presence (we
have 22 offices worldwide), multi-cultural employees, and a
global membership of diverse experts.

Working with our membership of experts and our clients allows me the
opportunity to gain valuable experience within the
corporate world whilst continuing to utilise my language,
communication and research skills on a day-to-day basis.
My ability to speak another language, but more
importantly, my desire to keep improving and learn new
languages was a huge factor in my acceptance here at GLG.
It wasn’t the only thing however – the active roles I held in
clubs and societies throughout college and the various
internships were also very important.

GLG’s business is based on high volume, fast-paced
efficiency – not always the easiest start on a Monday
morning! However, GLG provides us with a fantastic work
environment – our office is full of driven and intelligent
young professionals who are always at hand to guide and
teach new joiners. Working with GLG’s clients has very much
impacted my own confidence in a positive manner and has
changed both how capable I feel tackling my work and
tackling the steps to progress in my career.

My work is different everyday – new projects, new
requests from clients, and new learning opportunities. On a
day to day basis, my role focuses on building and managing
our network of senior executives and organising
conversations, meetings, mentorships, and other interactions
between these executives and our clients. This community is
very international and my language skills are therefore
extremely important when reaching out and communicating
with these experts. I’m very happy in my current role and am
hoping to continue my progress with GLG for the next few
years. With new opportunities opening not only in Dublin but
in our offices globally, I’m looking forward to seeing where my
career takes me, whether that’s in Ireland or abroad.

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