Film director

A film director is responsible for all creative decisions in film making.

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The director essentially has creative control of every aspect involved in making a film: they instruct and co-ordinate every member and department of a film crew; plan the details of every shot; determine how scripts should be interpreted and performed and instigate script changes, among numerous other duties.

Work activities

  • Using creativity and technical knowledge to plan each shot of a film, coordinating lighting, sound and camera crewmembers.
  • Instructing and directing actors in their performance.
  • Collaborating with scriptwriters.
  • Liaising with producers.
  • Assisting editors in post-production.
  • Managing every member/department in the film crew.

Work conditions

Travel: is an integral part of the job; filming locations are found the world over.
Working hours: are typically long and irregular, with evening and weekend work also featuring.
Location: The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have become attractive locations for film production companies.

Entry requirements

Relevant experience and developing contacts is crucial for entering an extremely competitive industry. Websites such as list training courses and advice for getting into film production and directing. Entering filmmaking competitions could offer a way into the industry.

Further information

The Irish Film Board (IFB) offers some funding programmes for aspiring film-makers. Schemes such as Screen Training Ireland offer experience in the industry.

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