Engineering - Doctorate - Qualifier Module

During this module, students will prepare a Research Proposal Portfolio which they will submit and present to an Academic Board.

The module involves a reflective component exploring the following:

What is a doctorate?
How to develop a professional portfolio?
What is knowledge - academic and professional knowledge?
Philosophy of research. Professional development.
The Engineer as a Professional. Delivering a unique contribution to professional knowledge.
Identification and assessment of on-going research within their profession; Engineering Ethics, Engineers in Society, Responsibility in Engineering.

Participants will be required to identify a problem that is significant to their industry or profession to propose an appropriate approach to solving this problem. This problem definition will form the basis of a submission to the Professional Doctorate in Engineering Academic Board.

Subjects taught

The module will be delivered during a 1-day workshop followed by support sessions (one-to-one, group, on-campus or online as necessary), to develop a reflective portfolio. The module will be assessed on a pass/fail basis after paper submission and presentation to the Academic Board.


8 weeks part-time module beginning in January.

Enrolment dates

Course Start Date: January 2024

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