Healthcare Product & Service Development

Design is an important driver of economic growth, integral to both industry and society. EGFSN together for Design (2020) identified three major types of design as important for Ireland’s economic success: - Digital design;(Digital Media, Interaction Design, Web Design) - Product design; (Product Design Innovation, Process Design, Manufacturing Design) and - Strategic design; (Service Design, Design Thinking, Co-Design, Design Management, Design Innovation).

The curriculum focuses on, product specification, concept development, concept testing and evaluation, prototyping and design for manufacture/delivery that is the lifecycle of the product and service development processes.

The programme is delivered in a design studio environment, through flexible online and on-campus teaching. The focus is on cultivating a culture of creativity, peer learning and transdisciplinary collaboration. The approach is based on real-world challenges linked with industry (medical devices, life sciences) and healthcare providers. Through this real-world approach students learn to evaluate concepts and innovate solutions. Participants will see products in use in a clinical setting as well as work on industry partner specified development requests.

Award: Professional Diploma
Qualification: NFQ Level 9 Minor Award

Subjects taught

Autumn Semester

GM4002 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: overview of core body systems and their changes across lifespan and different types of treatments

CA4003 CAREER DEVELOPMENT: job readiness and future employability training

Spring Semester

PD6022 CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION: user centred design and concept testing and design refinement

PD6002 HUMAN FACTORS IN HEALTH SYSTEM: how Human Factors affects all aspects of product and systems design in health contexts

IE2011 INDUSTRY LEARNING PROJECT: Application of course content in a real life setting

Entry requirements

Applicants must have a 1st or 2nd class Level 8 honours degree (NFQ or internationally recognised equivalent) in a relevant subject or equivalent prior learning that is recognised by the University as meeting this requirement.

Applicants must also satisfy the English Language Requirements of the University. The University reserves the right to shortlist and interview applicants.

Applications are welcome from students of design and non-design backgrounds with an interest in innovating solutions for healthcare and wellbeing challenges and opportunities.

Backgrounds can include, but are not limited to, technical disciplines (science and engineering), business, medicine, allied health, social sciences.

Supporting documentation will be reviewed by Course Director and course team.

Application dates

What to Include with your Application

Qualification transcripts and certificates

A copy of your birth certificate or passport

A statement of interest as to why you would like to be considered for the professional diploma in Healthcare Products and Service Development

If your qualifications have been obtained in a country where English is an official language this will suffice

If this is not available, the following additional documents must be provided:

• English translation of your qualification(s)/transcripts
• English language competency certificate


1 year part-time

Enrolment dates

Course Start Date: September

More details
  • Qualifications

    Minor Diploma (Level 9 NFQ)

  • Attendance type

    Part time

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