Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma - Carlow / Wicklow

What is this course about?
The principles of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma can be used to improved processes and increase efficiency in the overall manufacturing process. This includes principles such as minimising waste, and thus costs, while increasing positivity. Six sigma can then be used to evaluate these processes and manage increased efficiency going for the future. Participants on this course will learn to implement a range of lean-based tools for improving operations in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to:
• Summarise the evolution of lean manufacturing, its benefits and limitations.

• Assess and critique the full range of lean tools, their application and objectives and integrate these into the operating system of the firm.

• Align lean manufacturing with corporate strategy and global supply chain strategy.

Subjects taught

What subjects will I study?
The Evolution of Manufacturing
Design and Structures
Value Creation
Lean Systems
Managing Lean Enterprises

Entry requirements

The entry requirements are usually the same for the degree.

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The module delivery will run at the same time as the masters degree timetable.

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  • Qualifications

    Minor Certificate (Level 9 NFQ)

  • Attendance type

    Part time

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