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Who are we?

As the Public Appointments Service, we are the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services across the Civil and Public Service. We are committed to providing a premier recruitment facility to our clients, including Government Departments, Agencies and Local Authorities, in order to successfully employ suitable candidates. Additionally, we deliver an effective gateway to identify suitable individuals for consideration by Ministers for appointment to State Boards

We provide an open and transparent recruitment process to identify top-quality candidates for public sector roles, with a strong reputation for independent and merit-based selection. We are privileged to support the Irish Government and our clients to deliver high-quality public services through the recruitment of a diverse, highly talented and committed workforce that reflects the diversity of the society that it serves.

Graduate Opportunities in the Public Service

Graduate opportunities within the Civil and Public Service are designed to inspire, challenge and support the next generation of Civil and Public Service leaders.

As a Graduate you will have the opportunity to work on projects that will aid the social and economic development of Ireland. If you enjoy challenging work and are committed to the concept of public service, a graduate position could be the ideal role for you.

We are looking for graduates, who are enthusiastic, ambitious and committed, with the potential to manage high level responsibilities across a range of public services.

Diversity is important to us. We recognise the value of diverse experiences, qualifications and perspectives on creating a public service that serves all the people of Ireland.

The Public Service is an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds. We recognise that a workforce that reflects society makes a positive contribution to the work place and the work that we do.

Learning and Development

The success of the public service begins with our people, and the development of individual employee skills is vital to ensure continuous improvements to the delivery of public services. All employees are actively encouraged to continually upskill and take on projects that reflect the goals set out in their personal development plans as agreed with their manager.

There are also a number of dedicated programs supporting employee learning and development throughout the various Government departments and agencies such as the Excellent Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for graduates entering professional streams such as Economists and Policy Analysts in the Irish Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES).

Other benefits of joining the Civil & Public service

Not only do we have exciting jobs on offer; there are also great benefits to working in the Civil Service too! Check out some of these benefits below:

  • Dynamic Work Environment: We offer a dynamic work environment where you can engage in meaningful and interesting work right from the start. Not only that, you’ll get the chance to carry out work which makes a real difference to the general public.
  • Learning and Development: A career in the Civil Service offers continuous learning and development opportunities. You can avail of a wide range of learning and development initiatives, which allow you to upskill and further develop your Civil Service career.
  • Diversity: We recognise and value the importance of attracting and welcoming a workforce that is responsive, accessible, resilient, and reflective of the communities it serves. We do not discriminate based on gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, race, or membership of the Traveller Community.
  • Flexible Working Arrangements: Depending on the nature of the work, some offices may offer Flexible Working Hours, Work Sharing arrangements, Shorter Working Year pro-rata arrangements or career break opportunities