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Located in the heart of Ireland’s capital city, TU Dublin provides an innovative, responsive and caring learning environment for a diverse range and level of programmes to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Postgraduate study

The TU Dublin offers an extensive range of postgraduate programmes at Diploma, Masters and Doctoral levels. The Institute plays a leading role in the development of technical, technological and business education in Ireland and is deeply involved with the latest developments in technology in all areas, while maintaining its commitment to industrial, economic and cultural development at both local and national levels. DIT is a member of the European University Association.


Students at TU Dublin have many support networks, services and facilities available to them. As a prospective student look and see what is on offer: http://www.dit.ie/study/undergraduate/studentservices/


At TU Dublin, postgraduate research is recognised as an invaluable means of training students in critical inquiry and problem solving skills required for creating and applying knowledge, and encouraging creativity and innovation. The guiding principle is to develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of the subject under examination in the area of study. Interdisciplinary work and collaborative research projects with other educational, research, industry, commercial, professional or governmental organisations in Ireland, the European Union and further afield, are especially emphasised.

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