Why do Irish graduates teach at SABIS Network Schools?®

23 Aug 2023, 13:39


Travel opportunities

Living in a travel hub such as Dubai opens up many exciting destinations for travelling during the paid school holidays throughout the year.

Teachers enjoy short city breaks in amazing locations such as Egypt, Istanbul and Jordan and long relaxing holidays in hotspots such as Bali, Thailand and the Maldives.

Work-Life balance

There is always something to do, whether it is hiking, sunbathing or visiting a theme park. With our amazing education system and resources, our teachers find more time to focus on themselves.

At each location where we have a school, there is a large Irish and expat community, and even a GAA club set up!

Financial Independence

With a tax-free income, furnished accommodation along with other benefits, it is easy to save most of your salary each month, or treat yourself!

Career Prospects

SABIS® is a global educational network with schools in 21 countries and counting Explore the exciting prospects of transferring within the SABIS® network, where you can embark on a journey of personal and professional growth by experiencing life in diverse locations while advancing your career.


Forget about the dull, rainy days with year-round sun in the gulf region. Soak up the sun at the many beautiful beaches along the coastlines.

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