An actor performs parts within dramatic pieces of work such as films and plays.

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Actors use creative thinking to interpret scripts, research characters and roles, and perform to entertain, inform or instruct audiences. Their work requires collaboration with other actors, directors, playwrights and a variety of other crew members. Actors must follow instructions given by the director of a piece. They must be able to portray a whole spectrum of emotions through body movements, gestures and speech.

Work conditions

Travel: will vary depending on where work can be found.
Working hours: irregular; can involve evenings and weekends.
Location: relocation to capital cities is highly likely to be in the best position for auditions.

Entry requirements

A degree in the performing arts can be beneficial, however it will not guarantee entry into the industry.

Further information

Periods of unemployment are inevitable in the acting industry and few achieve stardom. Actors will often have to generate income in other ways. Institutions such as The Gaiety School in Ireland offer courses in acting which may be beneficial.

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