Charity officer

A charity officer performs various tasks and duties for a charitable organisation.

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The title applies to various roles within charity work. The number of positions and nature of charity officer roles can differ greatly depending on the size of the organisations; some large charities require charity officers specialising in specific areas, for example marketing, fundraising, finance, public relations, or project/volunteer management. Charity officers in smaller organisations are usually required to work in more than one of these areas. Size, the nature of the organisation and funds will have a great impact on a charity officer’s role, work environment and working hours.

Work activities

  • Recruiting and training volunteers.
  • Devising and carrying out fundraising projects and initiatives.
  • Contacting local/national media and authorities to raise the organisation’s profile.
  • Administrative tasks such as budget management and compiling and managing data.

Work conditions

Travel: depends on organisation and role. Some may be required to make national or international trips.
Working hours: could be normal office hours or involve irregular and involve unsociable shifts if it’s a smaller charity.
Location: rural setting and large towns and cities worldwide.

Entry requirements

Open to all degree disciplines, however particular qualifications in areas such as management and business studies or law could be beneficial for particular roles within charities.

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