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Forestry manager

Forestry managers work to preserve and protect forests and woodlands. They are responsible for carrying out safe and sustainable management of areas used for timber production, public recreation and natural preservation. Forest managers correspond with local authorities, charities and professional bodies to advise on matters concerning land use, and the balance of economical and environmental priorities.The job is based both in an office and outdoors in rural environments; work is undertaken in all weathers and can be physically demanding.

Work activities

  • Providing advice to forest/woodland owners on maintenance and care for trees.
  • Arranging for contract work (eg planting and harvesting) to be undertaken.
  • Carrying out general maintenance work.
  • Planning, managing budgets, and leading conservation projects.
  • Providing valuations on timber, trees and land.
  • Liaising with woodland owners, timber merchants, contractors, customers and the general public.

Work conditions

Travel: is often a feature.
Working hours: can be unsociable and longer hours and weekends.
Location: rural areas across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

A relevant degree in forestry management, agriculture, ecology or property/land management is usually a requirement. Relevant work experience will aid applications. For those without a relevant degree, postgraduate study in land management is recommendable. Bangor University offers a part-time Forestry distance-learning programme and numerous institutions across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland offer higher-level training.