Horticultural consultant

Supports businesses and organisations that deal with farming, plant nurseries, parks and botanical gardens.

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Job description

Horticultural consultants support businesses and organisations that deal with farming, plant nurseries, parks and botanical gardens. They provide practical solutions and advice on efficiency and effective practice, both as business and horticultural specialists.

Typically graduates in horticultural science, they study the science and technology of plant cultivation, researching and advising on techniques of crop growing such as improving plants and developing fungicides and herbicides. In Ireland, advisers working with Teagasc support the commercial development of the mushroom, fruit, vegetable and nursery stock sectors.

Work activities

  • Developing and maintaining a database of client contacts.
  • Visiting growers on site and undertaking environmental assessments.
  • Inspecting crops and analysing horticultural yields.
  • Advising on the level of pest and disease within the crop.
  • Offering solutions involving biological control measures.
  • Designing planting layouts taking into consideration a range of factors include climate, soil type and functionality of the garden.
  • Writing technical publications, advisory leaflets and reports.
  • Attending conferences and keeping up to date on latest industry development.
  • Maintaining financial and administrative records.
  • Developing, advertising and marketing services.

Typical employers

Teagasc Horticultural advisors and consultants are often employed by garden centres attached to large DIY stores such Woodies and B&Q as well as specialised Garden Centres.

Career development

Can specialise in particular areas such as organic horticulture.

Other relevant degree subjects

  • Horticulture.

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