Landscape gardener

A landscape gardener designs, develops, maintains and remodels gardens and landscapes.

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Job description

Landscape gardeners work for landscaping services companies, botanical gardens or farms, or else run their own businesses. They are contracted to jobs for private clients, which mainly entails private gardens, or businesses, which could include work on park areas or sports grounds. Landscape gardening is very physical work; tasks can vary according to the season and weather conditions.

Work activities

  • Maintaining the grounds and landscapes of private clients and businesses.
  • Constructing small scale builds, such as decking areas and installing water fountains.
  • Seeding and sodding lawns.
  • Planting and maintaining lawns, flowers and shrubberies.
  • Ensuring soil is kept in good condition by using suitable fertilisers.
  • Clearing away leaves and snow from pathways.
  • Using heavy equipment such as chainsaws.

Work conditions

Travel: landscape gardeners are required to travel to each client’s home or landscape space on a daily basis. This could involve numerous journeys each day.
Working hours: are usually on a standard 9 to 5 basis. Hours can be flexible. Self employed gardeners can fix their own work hours.
Location: work is based outside. Vacancies are available in cities across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in public, private and more rural areas.

Entry requirements

A degree is generally not necessary but knowledge of grounds-keeping, horticulture, gardening techniques is highly beneficial.

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