Manager, health service

Works to ensure that hospitals, GP surgeries or community health centres work efficiently and effectively.

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Job description

Health service managers can work privately, but most work for the HSE in the Republic or NHS in Northern Ireland to make sure the organisation, be it a hospital, GP surgery or a community health centre, works efficiently and effectively. Duties include supervising staff, setting and maintaining budgets, and implementing policies based on government guidelines.

Management within the heealth service covers a wide range of career areas, including HR, finance, administration, service management, health promotion and project management. Health service managers are effective leaders and team workers.

Work activities

  • Managing budgets and costs.
  • Liaising with clerical, medical and professional staff at all levels, providing support to other department managers and staff.
  • Ensuring health services meet national standards.
  • Using computer software to record and retrieve data.
  • Monitoring and developing services; implementing policies and installing changes.
  • Directing, co-ordinating and monitoring medical and non-medical resources, facilities and services.
  • Dealing with enquires, complaints, and solving problems.
  • Planning projects.
  • Writing reports.

Work conditions

Travel: may be necessary for some positions.
Working hours: usually 9 to 5, but some extra hours may be involved.
Location: in private and public hospitals and clinics across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

At least a primary degree in any subject is necessary. Entry can be open to any subject, but relevant experience within the health service and management is key for applicants.

The NHS runs a General Management Training Scheme , which is the path into the profession for most graduates in Northern Ireland. The application process is competitive, including an assessment centre, written and psychometric tests, interviews and group exercises.

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