Textile designer

A textile designer creates two-dimensional woven, printed or knitted textile designs for use in clothing, furnishings, interior decoration and household items.

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Job description

Textile designers generate original ideas for fabrics and develop designs to fit specifications. They tend to specialise in either interiors or clothing within the textiles industry. Designers are employed by small textile industries, multinational textile manufacturers, design practices and interior design and decoration companies. Some work on a freelance basis.

Work activities

  • Producing sketches and sample designs.
  • Using specialist computer software to assist with designs.
  • Attending and exhibiting designs at trade fairs.
  • Presenting designs and samples to customers for evaluation.
  • Negotiating contracts.
  • Keeping up to date with fashion and textile design trends.

Work conditions

Travel: national or international travel is required when visiting clients or trade fairs.
Working hours: hours can be long and involve evenings and weekends due to tight deadlines.
Location: Textile producers in the Republic of Ireland are based in large cities, such as Dublin, Cork and Limerick. In Northern Ireland the majority of textile produces are located in the East.

Entry requirements

Most designers hold a fashion or design degree. A postgraduate qualification can be useful for graduates of other relevant disciplines. Work experience within the textile industry is highly valuable. Applicants are required to present a good portfolio highlighting creative abilities.

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