Everybody has a natural talent. At EY, we want to help you develop yours, naturally.

If you’ve got a keen eye for photography, then you probably have an eye for investigation. If you’ve got a talent for computer games, then you probably have a talent for problem-solving. Even if you just like playing sport, you might be a leader in waiting.

The analytical brains, the inquisitive minds, the networking personalities, they’re the kind of people who thrive in the EY Undergraduate & Graduate Programmes and they’re the kinds of people we need to help us solve new problems in new ways.

We think the future you’ll live in will be full of things we haven’t even thought of yet. If we’re going to think in a new way, we need people that think in a new way and that means hiring people who think differently, act differently and work differently.

Start your career journey with EY

We’re looking to take your natural talent and develop it across one of our five graduate programmes:

  • Assurance (Audit)
  • Advisory
  • Tax
  • Transactions (Corporate Finance)
  • IT, Data Analytics & Cyber

The EY Graduate Programme is your career incubator, you’ll become one of the most employable young people in Europe. Quite simply, it’s the perfect foundation to develop your natural talents, naturally. 

Whatever your talent, apply it at EY.

What’s your natural talent?

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Graduate profiles

    • Ryan – financial services consultant


      I'm Ryan and I'm a financial services consultant at EY Ireland.

      I have been baking for the past 10 years – it has always been something that I have been extremely passionate... Read more

    • Sinéad – internal audit consultant


      I'm Sinead and I'm an internal audit consultant at EY Ireland.

      I started playing hockey in my 1st year of secondary school. Being a big hockey school, there was no question... Read more

    • Aoife – Advisory Consultant


      I'm Aoife and I'm an advisory consultant at EY Ireland.

      I have always enjoyed coaching and leading others.

      From a young age it quickly emerged that I had a talent for... Read more

    • Greta – audit assistant


      I'm Greta and I'm an audit assistant at EY Ireland.

      I got into bodybuilding about 3 years ago and it has been my passion ever since. I fell in love with the sport because it... Read more

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