Careers with EY for law graduates

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EY values difference. Our business thrives on asking the better questions. Those questions lead to better answers, which offer up the best solutions. Better questions are different questions, the questions that haven’t been asked before. The best people to ask these questions are people who have a diverse experience of the world and come with a different insight. That’s why we look for people from a range of degree backgrounds.

Take Law. Law Students require the ability to think logically, build arguments based on facts and data, as well as being able to empathise with those around them, and communicate their points succinctly and with a flourish.

Lawyers are the perfect candidates for starting a career in Audit, Tax, Transactions, and Advisory. Their natural attributes that lead them to pursue a degree in law are exactly the qualities we look for in our people.

The EY Graduate Programmes are the perfect broad level foundation from which to start your career in business. We’ll give you the opportunity to drive lasting change and explore for yourself how you can help us build a better working world.

Our graduate programmes suit you and your needs. We want to know what your career aspirations are and how we can guide you towards achieving them. We’ll support you as you pursue your  professional qualifications and make sure you make the choice that is right for you.

We offer Graduate Programmes in the following five areas:

  • Assurance
  • Advisory
  • Tax
  • Transactions
  • IT, Data and Cyber

Despite what you may have been told, we don’t just hire accountants. We want people from all backgrounds. We definitely want lawyers to join us in building a better working world. We want to build a diverse workforce, where the broadest spectrum of skills and ideas can be brought together to mix and spark the best solutions for our clients, and our world.

No matter what you studied in college, if you’re bright, curious and enthusiastic there is a Graduate Programme at EY tailored just for you.

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