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About AbbVie

Founded in 2013, AbbVie is a global, research-driven biopharmaceutical company committed to developing innovative advanced therapies for some of the world’s most complex and critical conditions. The company now employs 2,600 people across eight sites in Ireland including Dublin, Cork, Sligo and Mayo.

Build Your Career at AbbVie

Join us at AbbVie, where medicine, aesthetics, and science are powered by some of the brightest minds in the world.

We are a dynamic company that offers you the resources you need and a global reach that empowers your innovative mindset. It takes teamwork, passion, and a culture built on diversity and inclusion to develop the scientific breakthroughs, innovative pipelines, and treatments that change millions of lives around the world. We know it takes you to make this happen.

Are you looking for an environment where you will do your best, most innovative work? We offer that.

A company that recognises your continuous learning and development as top priorities? We offer that too.

Welcome to AbbVie. Ready to innovate together?

Graduate Development Programmes

If you will soon be graduating with an undergraduate or advanced degree, consider an AbbVie graduate development programme. These have been designed to give high-performing individuals the opportunity to broaden their work experience in a dynamic environment.

Each formal development programme lasts two or three years, depending on the discipline. They are designed to enhance your leadership capabilities, expand your functional skill set and help pave the way to your ultimate career goals. Your functional programme manager, assignment manager and mentor will help you acclimatise to our unique culture of innovation and discovery.

Working collaboratively, you will help make goal-oriented decisions while you perform challenging and rewarding work alongside industry pioneers. AbbVie’s Graduate Development Programmes are designed to enhance your leadership and technical capabilities, expand your functional skill set and help pave the way to your ultimate career goals.

These programmes include:

  • The Operations Development Programme (ODP) is a three-year rotational global leadership development programme. ODP career path is orientated towards head of Site and Operations roles.
  • The Technical Development Programme (TDP) is a three-year rotational, site-specific specialist programme designed to develop Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). TDP career path is orientated towards Senior Technical Specialists.
  • The Finance Development Programme (FDP) is a two-year rotational global programme, designed to identify and develop AbbVie’s future financial leaders.

AbbVie Undergraduate Programmes

At AbbVie Ireland, we also support a number of Undergraduate Programmes. The company’s intern programme was recently awarded top prize in the 2021 and 2020 gradireland Awards, winning Gold for Best Intern Programme in Ireland, and has been the recipient of the organisation’s silver (twice) and bronze awards in the previous four years.

  • The Internship Programme provides 6-15 month placements for student Chemical Engineers and Chemists. This program is a pathway to our ODP and TDP programmes.
  • The APPEL Programme provides 4-6 month placement for 4th year Pharmacy students and is available across our Operations and Commercial sites. This programme is also a pathway to our ODP and TDP programmes.
  • The Co-Operative Programmes provide 6-12 month placements for students within Science, Engineering, Commercial and Support Services (e.g. HR, Finance, IT, EHS, Supply Chain etc.) disciplines. Depending on the discipline, the Co-Operative Programme may also be a pathway to our TDP programme.


If you would like to know more about any of our Graduate Development Programmes, please contact University Relations Specialist, Sarah Doupe at