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Few things are certain in life. Economic upheaval, political crises, natural disasters – and plenty more besides – all mean the world can be full of surprises. At Aon, we draw on the expertise of over 50,000 people to help the biggest names in business plan for every eventuality – be it in investment consulting, actuarial consulting, insurance, reinsurance and risk management, or health & benefits broking and consulting. We are the world’s #1 insurance broker, #1 provider of reinsurance and #1 in human capital consulting. Our size, global network and emphasis on innovation mean where we lead, the industry follows.


We assess the economic, political, and geographical risks associated with our clients’ companies. Our knowledge helps clients understand how these risks can affect their business, along with ways to mitigate risk and capitalize on it. Insurance and risk management is the cornerstone of every company’s capital structure. A poorly constructed risk management programme leaves an organisation constrained and vulnerable to major risks; a well-designed programme allows it to pursue its vision without having to hoard financial capital or maintain unusually high levels of liquidity. At Aon, we help our clients identify their risks and ensure they are provided with the best possible cover for their needs.


We develop health care plans that provide clients with the best, cost-effective, benefit packages for their employees. Our customized plans give employees options for managing their health and promoting overall wellness. Employee benefits range from healthcare and pensions to shopping vouchers and holidays. A well-managed, flexible, employee benefits programme will ensure employees are rewarded appropriately and are economically secure. Our experts advise our clients on pensions administration, employee benefits programmes and cost-effective, efficient HR solutions.


We create strategies that help our clients attract, manage, and retain top-performing employees, as well as plan for transition. Our data-driven approach gives clients a tailored plan for building employee engagement, cultivating leadership, and improving HR processes. Human Capital Consulting helps our clients get the best from their people, and retain a competitive edge in the market place


We design retirement plans that benefit our clients as well as their employees. Our financial and regulatory expertise helps us to create customized pension plans that are stable over the long and short term. Our actuarial consultants use mathematical and statistical modelling, along with their industry specific expertise, to identify potential risks to our clients and assess the possible impacts of those risks. Sharing this expertise in a professional way, tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of each client helps them "make financial sense of the future".

Data and Analytics

We use data to help our clients make smart, informed decisions. Our significant investments in data platforms and expert analysis allows us to see things competitors don’t, giving our clients a competitive edge in every industry we touch.


We provide clients with access to funds or investments that help grow their financial interests. Our resources help clients free up or access capital so it can be used to expand, restructure, or rebuild their business assets. Our investment consultants bring real-world investment experience when addressing client issues. We work across a wide range of investment options, ranging from investment advice, such as the need to use swaps and derivatives or how to use hedge funds appropriately, to much more direct help. Our sophisticated modelling tools help us to make informed choices about investment strategies and tailor our solutions to clients' needs.

Depending on the area you join, you’ll be using your numeracy, analytical abilities and strong customer service skills to help clients address key questions that affect the running and growth of their businesses. How can risk be predicted and spread to minimise the impact of natural or man-made catastrophes? How can financial markets effectively manage their risks? Where can employers invest to improve the value of their pension schemes? Will a company be able to meet its pension obligations decades down the line? How can it provide a benefits programme that rewards employees and represents a shrewd business investment for the employer? Whatever the question, it’s our business to provide the answer.

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