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Our unique approach has helped us become one of Ireland’s fastest-growing professional services firm. We’re looking for creative thinkers with fresh ideas and traditionalists who dream big. We’re not just looking for grads with a business background, we want grads from all disciplines. We know that the right people come from many different places and spaces.

Are you the Real Impact Undergraduate of the Year?

Real Impact Undergraduate of the Year Award 2024

Are you the Undergraduate of the Year for making a REAL IMPACT? At Grant Thornton we strive to make an impact whether with our employees, clients or in the local communities that we serve. Our values align with the need to make a real impact on the world around us through our focus on what is important in society. We appreciate those that want to do for others and have a sense of purpose who want to make the world a better place for all.

What could you win?

Mentoring and coaching your final year in business school.

Real Opportunities with Grant Thornton’s Graduate Programme

Who we are

Grant Thornton is a global provider of professional services, spanning more than 145 countries with a team of 68,000 professionals working to build sustainable, scalable solutions to address real-world problems.

In Ireland, our team comprises of nearly 3,000 professionals providing a full range of Audit, Tax and Advisory services to clients of all sizes and industries. Our expertise goes beyond the traditional consulting fields: we advise clients on cyber security and forensics, AI, automation, cloud technology, sustainability and more, helping them find best-in-class solutions for today’s pressing challenges.

Our Graduate Programme

Our Graduate Programme provides a real opportunity for career development.

  • A real opportunity to grow and succeed as part of a team.
  • A real opportunity to work with and learn from the best in the business.
  • A real opportunity to make a difference and excel by bringing fresh ideas.
  • A real opportunity to lead a new era of Professional Services.

Interested in real professional opportunities that challenge your thinking and accelerate your growth? With the Grant Thornton Graduate Programme, you’ll be at the heart of client projects from the get-go.

You’ll gain first-hand experience at problem solving, engaging authentically with clients, collaborating with industry leaders and working with multi-disciplinary, global teams to address complex challenges that have real-world impact. You’ll be developing a diverse skillset, realising your passions and discovering your long-term career ambitions.

Why Grant Thornton?

Professional services firms don’t produce goods; we produce solutions and ideas. When organisations encounter a problem requiring external advice or expertise, they call Grant Thornton. As a member of our team, you’ll be building the future - not a product. You’ll work alongside some of the most respected subject-matter experts in the world as they develop innovative solutions for clients with wide-ranging challenges. You’ll receive hands-on coaching from the best in the business, acquiring knowledge from a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Candidates are attracted to Grant Thornton for many reasons, but our people are at the top of the list. Our employees aren't just the cogs in a machine; they're the heartbeat of our company, and their enthusiasm fuels our success. You’ll experience a culture of camaraderie and mutual support and be part of an inclusive, diverse team that values everyone’s contributions. We believe an open, respectful environment encourages bold ideas that benefit our colleagues, clients and communities.

We empower growth, giving our people the autonomy and support to generate impact. We offer personalised learning paths, training and development, supportive mentorships and more. You’ll have the opportunity to build connections worldwide, working with clients in multiple geographies, collaborating with our international network and tapping into global pools of knowledge.

Choosing your path

Choose the Graduate Programme that’s most suited to your career interests and aspirations:

Audit & Assurance

As a graduate trainee on the Audit & Assurance team, you’ll have the opportunity to work with diverse clients, from start-ups to SMEs to global multinationals, operating in various industries across Ireland, the UK and the US. You’ll be exposed to clients working in pharmaceuticals, fintech, banking, hospitality, asset management and more, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with subject-matter experts from across Grant Thornton’s international network.

Advisory (Business Consulting, Corporate Finance, Digital Transformation)

As a graduate trainee on the Advisory Services team, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate closely with organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to SMEs to large multinationals, as you work to address challenges in business-critical areas such as digital transformation, change management, corporate finance, business strategy and more.

You’ll work on the ground, completing projects as part of a team of subject-matter experts. Our clients are as varied as the problems they face, operating across various industries, including retail, law, food and agriculture, technology, healthcare and more.

Financial Services Advisory

As a graduate trainee on the Financial Services Advisory team, you’ll be part of Ireland's largest dedicated financial services advisory practice. Joining this team provides you with the chance to help clients improve their business, and you’ll gain exposure to a variety of different service offerings, including strategy development, regulatory and risk advisory, insolvency services, project and change management, data analytics, technology, sustainability, human capital and aviation advisory.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services

As a graduate trainee on the Financial Accounting Advisory Services team, you'll be able to to hone your expertise in servicing multinational companies in specific sectors, including technology, financial services and pharmaceuticals.

Working on the FAAS team offers a broad and varied training experience because the team provides multiple service offerings to clients in different geographies. You’ll gain valuable insights into international business, compliance, and project management—you might even have the chance to travel abroad!

What we offer

Enjoy competitive salary packages, study leave and secondment opportunities. The Professional Education team offers exam support, while the Be-Well Programme includes private health insurance, an on-site gym, modern work environments and more. The Grant Thornton Learning team provides skills training to support you in achieving your goals.

Join Grant Thornton today to realise real opportunities and become an integral part of shaping a better future for us all.


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