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Kepak is one of Ireland’s leading meat producers with 15 manufacturing plants in Ireland and the UK. Meat craft, trusted quality and excellent service are the pillars of our proud heritage. Sustainability and animal welfare keep us grounded in the presence of nature and our communities. Innovation and inspirational nutrition drive our business to develop and grow.

Our People, Our Pride


Our founding father, Noel Keating, was a second generation master butcher and his entrepreneurial spirit lives on in Kepak. We are, to this day, family-owned and run, which creates an open, positive and genuinely welcoming working environment.

New graduates receive access to senior management and are supported in their ambitions through personal mentors.

Many of our group’s senior management team have trained and worked across all sectors of the Kepak business, from sales and operations to procurement and new product development.


In a challenging and dynamic environment, our philosophy is always to be ‘more than’. We are more than tradition, more than quality, more than meat and more than a job.

Every day we are innovating with delicious, new food products and becoming leaner and more efficient to deliver the highest quality fresh meat and branded products for our clients around the world.

From the establishment of the Keenan Kepak Beef Club to the training on our Centre of Excellence Farm and Kitchens, we have been leading progress across the industry.

Our Values


We are a responsible employer respectful of our employees and local communities. We espouse sustainability in all our processes and throughout our supply chain. We empower employees to be responsible for their actions. We are a responsible supplier to our customers and consumers.


We strive to grow our business in our chosen markets. We develop employees from within and enable them to achieve their ambitions.


We pioneer innovative insight led concepts in meat and meat products. We endeavour to source ethically produced and traceable ingredients. We work to continually improve our product quality. We champion meat as a valuable source of dietary protein.


We support one another in achieving our common goals. We partner with suppliers and customers to benefit consumers.

Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

  • Kepak Finance Graduate Programme 2024 - Ireland

  • Kepak Engineering Graduate Programme 2024 - Ireland