Structure of apprenticeships

SOLAS is the agency with responsibility for apprenticeship programmes, an area that is undergoing considerable growth.

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An apprenticeship is a standard based education and training programme. During your apprenticeship you will be required to follow a specific course of training and undergo a series of assessments to confirm that you’ve reached the required industry standard. Apprenticeships generally comprise of seven phases, three offthe- job and four on-the-job. There are exceptions to the above, such as Aircraft Mechanics, Floor/Wall Tiling and Industrial Insulation.

Off-the-job training

  • • Phase 2: Training Centre
  • • Phase 4: Institute of Technology or College of Further Education
  • • Phase 6: Institute of Technology or College of Further Education.
  • At present the general duration of apprenticeship is a minimum of four
  • • Attend all off-the-job training phases when scheduled
  • • Pass all the on-the-job assessments at the first attempt
  • • Pass all the on-the-job assessments and ensure results are returned to your local Training Advisor.

On-the-job training

Employers have responsibility for providing on the job training as outlined in the our graphic. For further information.

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