Top jobs in construction

Some jobs which are experiencing particular growth include

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Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyors with varying levels of experience are in demand. Main Contractors are also actively enticing candidates back from overseas. This has led to salaries increasing at a higher rate than almost any other sector in the construction industry. See page 6.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are in demand to design and construct essential infrastructure projects, such as bridges, motorways and water and waste water projects. See page 9 for more information.

Building Services Engineers

The lack of graduates in this area has impacted the industry significantly. Building Services Engineers fill a number of roles among Mechanical and Engineering (M&E) Contractors and Design firms. See page 11.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technicians

With many projects moving over to 3D modelling, BIM technicians with Revit are finding opportunities in various different organisations in the construction industry. Candidates can find opportunities in architectural, civil/structural, building services firms, main contractors, etc. Due to the shortage of experienced technicians, many organisations are training existing staff on Revit software. See page 12.


2015 was a welcome growth year for the architectural sector. Increased activity in the commercial and residential sector has driven demand for architects, especially in the capital. While salaries are growing, it is at a slower pace than other areas in the industry. See page 13.

Health and Safety Officers

Health and Safety is paramount on each building site. With the increased activity across the country, each contractor has seen an increase in the demand for safety officers.

Structural Engineers

Engineering consultancies have been increasing staff numbers and the growth in the number of new builds across the country has led to a demand for degree qualified structural engineering staff. See page 10.

Construction Manager

Construction management covers a number of roles including; site manager, contracts manager, construction estimator, building project manager and building surveyor.

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