A chiropractor uses a variety of physical techniques and therapies in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients who are suffering from disorders and/or injuries of the back or musculoskeletal system.

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Chiropractors help patients to recover from disorders of the back or musculoskeletal system through the application of manipulation/supportive techniques, specialist equipment and physical exercise. They are trained to administer the correct amount of force with their hands or equipment to correct problems or injuries. Consultation with patients about their general health and lifestyle is also a factor to consider more holistic treatments.

Work conditions

Travel: is not a regular feature; work is mostly based in a clinic but some travel to patients’ homes may be required.
Working hours: mostly 9-5, though evening and weekend hours are not uncommon. Self-employed chiropractors set their own hours.
Location: chiropractic practices are located in cities around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Training opportunities may need to be sought abroad.

Entry requirements

There are no chiropractic courses available in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland – degree courses lasting four to five years can be undertaken in England or Wales. Following a course, students must spend one year working and training for a chiropractor. This can be done in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

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