Edits books and other publications; may manage a publisher’s book list and sign agreements for new books/publications.

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Editing is a process whereby written material, images, web pages, sound, video or film are reviewed, condensed, corrected or re-arranged with the objective of preparing them for final presentation. An editor’s role will vary greatly depending on the employer and type and level of editorial position held – which could include newspaper, magazine, book or film editing. Essentially editors are journalists who evaluate and select content for either print or broadcast publication. They may also do original writing, producing copy for the publication.

In print publications (especially newspapers) depending on the size of a paper there may be a sports editor, a features editor, a business editor or an arts editor. Other editorial positions in publishing include copy editors (sometimes called ‘sub-editors’) who correct spelling, grammar and matters of house style.

Work activities

  • Reviewing, rewriting and editing the work of writers and other journalists.
  • Planning the content of newspapers, books, journals, and magazines.
  • Deciding what material will appeal to readers.
  • Reviewing and editing drafts of books and articles.
  • Offering comments to improve the work.
  • Suggesting possible headlines and titles.
  • Overseeing the production of publications.
  • Reviewing book proposals and deciding whether to buy the publication rights.
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