Food technologist

A food technologist is responsible for the safe and efficient development, modification and/or manufacture of food products and processes.

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Food technologists are employed by a variety of public and private sector organisations including food manufacturing and retail companies, universities, central government organisations and specialist research associations/consultancies. They conduct research in a range of topics such as animal cloning in food production, irradiated food, additives and GM foods.

Technologists can work in a wide range of settings including kitchens, factories, laboratories and offices.

Work activities

  • Generating new product ideas.
  • Ensuring that food safety and hygiene standards are met.
  • Testing and examining samples.
  • Liaising with marketing staff.
  • Identifying and choosing products from suppliers.
  • Monitoring the use of additives in food products.

Work conditions

Travel: travel to other factories, laboratories and supplies may feature within the working day.
Working hours: generally 9 to 5 or shift work.
Location: in colleges, plants and laboratories in cities throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

A degree in an appropriate scientific subject is necessary, such as biochemistry, food science/technology, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, or life/physical/medical sciences.A food-related postgraduate qualification could be beneficial: courses are offered by colleges and universities such as Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and University of Ulster. Taegasc offers HETAC and FETAC accredited food training courses in training colleges based across Republic of Ireland.

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