Health education/promotion officer

Helps people to improve and take control of their health by devising and implementing health policies and programmes.

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Job description

Health promotion officers work to enable and encourage people to increase control over their state of health. Health promotion is a social and political process that aims to increase the health education of individuals allowing them to make healthy choices in the lifestyles. Health promotion officers work within the local community to promote engagement in health issues and to challenge social, environmental and economic norms to alleviate their impact on public and individual health.

National policy developments in both the health and education sectors have stimulated an increase in health promotion programmes and infrastructure.

Work activities

  • Increasing people's awareness of health issues, such as the importance of exercise and the dangers of smoking.
  • Providing advice and information to individuals or community groups, through the use of presentations, exhibitions and the media.
  • Working closely with professional colleagues in local health authorities.
  • Working with, advising and training others to deliver health education, such as medical workers, teachers and social service staff who may be involved with health education.

Typical employers

Health promotion organisations such as the Irish Heart Foundation.

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