Landscape architect

A landscape architect advises about, plans, designs and oversees the development and construction of external land areas such as gardens, parks and recreational areas and residential, industrial and commercial sites.

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Job description

Landscape architects work as part of a team of architects, surveyors, town planners, engineers and landscape contractors to design the landscape around us, such as parks, stadiums and public squares. They retain responsibility for overseeing construction work and monitoring the progress of projects. Employers include private consultancies, local authorities and water companies.

Work activities

  • Creating plans, designs and drawings.
  • Surveying sites and monitoring progress.
  • Discussing requirements with clients and presenting proposals.
  • Producing contracts and cost estimations.

Work conditions

Travel: is common within the working day.
Working hours: can vary to include evening and weekend hours for some projects.
Location: in urban and rural areas throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

A degree in a relevant subject such as architecture, geography, planning, surveying or civil/structural engineering is necessary, as well as a postgraduate qualification in landscape architecture. The Irish Landscape Institute provides listings of available courses in the Republic of Ireland.

In Northern Ireland the University of Ulster offers a masters course in Landscape Architecture. Landscape architecture is a chartered profession. Successful completion of the ILI Professional Practice Examination is necessary in order to become a member of the Irish Landscape Institute. In Northern Ireland chartered landscape architects are members of the Landscape Institute .

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